King Saul–Anointed One felled by Fear

The story of King Saul’s fall from being the “Anointed One” to suicide has sobering lessons for us during the Age of Coronavirus. Covid is primarily a spiritual attack of Fear against the world. Not all will fall seriously ill with Covid, but all are being terrorized by it. As I look at the world, I see different parts of the world travelling along the same trajectory of King Saul, on different points, during Covid, as he travelled from anxiety to psychosis and then finally suicide. It is a warning that we see Covid for what it is—it is a … Read More ›

A Virus is a Perfect Metaphor

Viruses are a perfect metaphor for how evil works throughout the Ages.  Viruses are dead matter that re-assemble their deadly parts, like different blocks, in different ways for each iteration. They reassemble themselves differently each generation, and this is why we talk about viruses having variants, or mutations. Viruses are a perfect metaphor for how the demonic reassembles their evil parts differently during different periods of history, to avoid detection.  The goal is always the same, though, as biological viruses: It is to kill the host.  The demonic and demonic strongholds described in the Bible, still exist today. Where do … Read More ›