A Virus is a Perfect Metaphor

Viruses are a perfect metaphor for how evil works throughout the Ages.  Viruses are dead matter that re-assemble their deadly parts, like different blocks, in different ways for each iteration. They reassemble themselves differently each generation, and this is why we talk about viruses having variants, or mutations.

Viruses are a perfect metaphor for how the demonic reassembles their evil parts differently during different periods of history, to avoid detection.  The goal is always the same, though, as biological viruses: It is to kill the host.  The demonic and demonic strongholds described in the Bible, still exist today. Where do we think they may have gone?  They’ve just reassembled their evil parts to look quite different in our modern Age.  Therefore, I say that the demons and the demonic strongholds of thinking that prompted the ancient peoples to throw their children into the fires, in exchange for personal power (the King of Moab in 2 Kings 3 is one example) has made a new appearance during the Age of Coronavirus. 

Viruses are an unseen reality for most of us, so we rely on those who see into this invisible world to see it, explain it, know its behaviour, and to help us have control over it. These are the scientists.

The same principle should go for God’s Prophets.  God’s Prophets also see into an unseen world– the spiritual realm.  We should be trusting God’s prophets in the same way that we trust the eyes of the scientists during the Age of Coronavirus. Actually, we should be trusting them more. At this point, I don’t see this happening at ALL, but at one point people will stop turning to the scientists as they finally realize that their human efforts is foolishness before Almighty God- 1 Corinthians 1, and start turning to His Prophets.