King Saul–Anointed One felled by Fear

The story of King Saul’s fall from being the “Anointed One” to suicide has sobering lessons for us during the Age of Coronavirus. Covid is primarily a spiritual attack of Fear against the world. Not all will fall seriously ill with Covid, but all are being terrorized by it. As I look at the world, I see different parts of the world travelling along the same trajectory of King Saul, on different points, during Covid, as he travelled from anxiety to psychosis and then finally suicide. It is a warning that we see Covid for what it is—it is a spiritual attack against God’s children and especially against God’s “anointed ones”–his Prophets. If Covid was primarily a health crisis, then running around looking for medication, cures, vaccines would be the right way to combat it. If Covid is a spiritual attack of Fear, then we MUST make a U-turn in the direction that we’re all taking. If someone is suffering deep fear of something, the last thing we would encourage him to do is to go along with his fears, give into his fears. We’d encourage him to face his fears head-on, not to listen to them, do the opposite of what the Fears are telling him he must do. If not, the person is going to travel the same trajectory that King Saul did with his fears, with death at the end.

King Saul’s fears developed like this, and I believe God gave us this account in the Bible to show us that Fear develops like this in all of us, if left unchecked;

1. low self-worth, lack of confidence, insecurity

2. anxiety & depression

3. jealousy (due to insecurity)

4. fear

5. paranoia

6. paranoid-delusions

7. paranoid jealous delusions

8 paranoid schizophrenia

9. spiritual death

10. suicide

During the attack of Fear (aka Python aka Slave) on us during Covid, we MUST make a U-turn in this trajectory, or the world is heading towards spiritual death, psychosis, and possibly suicide at the end of it. We can learn from King Saul’s story and not be another “Anointed One felled by the Spirit of Fear”.

King Saul’s Tragic battle against Fear

For those in spiritual leadership–God’s clergy, pastors, prophets—-, I especially ask you to heed the account of King Saul. I write with the Fear of the Lord on me (the only time we’re allowed to fear something) about God’s consequences on his children if we don’t address sin.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I connected the story of King Saul to the trajectory of how Fear travels and how it destroy God’s plans for us.  See if you can make the connections between His story and what is happening in the church, due to Coronavirus, making the connections between King Saul’s story and your story.  Hopefully your story and the story of your Kingdom (your church, your ministry) don’t end up the way King Saul’s did.

This is the path that Fear travels from King Saul’s story and I believe Fear travels this path in all of our stories, if we don’t keep it in-check. Coronavirus is taking this same journey through everyone in the world, right now. This is what I find so remarkable—the scale of the spiritual attack!

  • Saul suffered from Low Self-Esteem and was very Insecure.  When the time came for him to be announced as King of Israel, he runs and hides in the baggage!  Saul is of the tribe of Benjamin, which was the “youngest” and smallest tribe of Israel,  Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob.  Saul inherited his lack of confidence at least partially through generational lines, Benjamin was the youngest son in Jacob’s family and this translated into the tribe of Benjamin being the ‘youngest’ and therefore the fewest in number in the “family clan”. 1 Samuel 9:21 says Saul answered, “Am I not a Benjaminite, from the least of the tribes of Israel? And is not my clan the humblest of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin? Why then have you spoken to me in this way?”
  • Saul, due to his lack of confidence, suffered from Anxiety.  This is not spelled out explicitly but we see that he calls in David to play the lute for him, when an “evil spirit” is afflicting him. I believe he was suffering from anxiety as many of us sooth ourselves with music when we feel anxiety.  

“And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.” 1 Samuel 16:23

  • Saul may have been suffering from Depression too.  Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand.  Perhaps Saul suffered anxiety & depression from what our modern age might call PTSD (post traumatic syndrome disorder) after relentless warring against the Philistines (Oh, my heart goes out to King Saul right now! I’m getting tears in my eyes even contemplating what he went through. I really hope he is in heaven now. The odds were so stacked against him…) Depression comes from feelings of loss of control.  Again,—we have the issue of control here. (Slave is ‘gripping in control’ towards himself. In relations to others, he is ‘over-controlled’ by others)

While anxiety is having too many focuses–distracted & divided thinking. (The Greek word for anxious [merimnao] means “to be divided or distracted” in one’s thinking), depression is having a too narrow focus.  Everything is focussed on one negative thing that comes to define you and then shapes your identity. Again, we have the aspect of narrowing, and gripping here. 

Coronavirus is obviously causing huge mental health issues, around the world.

Slave Attacks our Mental-Health

(*Every time I refer to Slave, I’m also referring to Python and to Fear. They are the same Spirit and all work hand in hand, but one name may suit one context better, and then I’ll use that word.)

Mental illness is the word that describes any mental state where someone lacks peace, when someone lacks the Shalom (wholeness) of God. I believe that mental illness is a result of an accumulation of too many lies in your mind. Satan is the Father of Lies.  Mental illness is the accumulation of too many lies about who you are, about who God is, about what fulfills you, about what gives you security, about what brings you love, about what brings you self-love, about what is the purpose of your life, what others feel about you, about what your parents/grandparents/teachers/pastors did to you, about what your TRUE IDENTITY IS.  

Modern medicine has rationalized all aspects of our humanness, such that we’ve been stripped of the ability to see the influence of the spiritual realm on our lives and on our physical health. As God calls me to heal people of their Orphan wounds (broken Sonship), it involves, amongst many things, bringing back together the physical realm with the spiritual realm. 

(I can’t take the time to explain Orphan wounds here, but Slave is a subset of Orphan: All Slaves are Orphans, whereas not all Orphans are Slaves. Orphans eventually self-destruct and end up as Slaves, though. The Prodigal Son at the beginning of the Parable when he was sinning without restraint was Orphan. At the point he becomes broke, he becomes Slave.)

The Biblical people didn’t have this schism between the natural and the supernatural. The modern age has made the chasm so wide that the Bible has been relegated to something no better than a “positive-thinking” book during the Age of Coronavirus. Psalm 91 is quoted only as a feel-good piece of poetry that can’t possibly be taken literally or used to guide our thinking or actions, during a world-wide pandemic. 

Sure, anxiety & depression can be the result of chemical changes in our brains but that shouldn’t exclude the idea that lies that we believe–that the demonic have injected into our brains, could be the reason for the chemical changes.   

Modern medicine limits our abilities to heal sickness, disease, mental health issues when it only looks at properties visible to the natural eye, at work.  What about the spiritual realm?  If the spiritual realm is at the root of an illness, then modern medicine can never cure the problem. It can only control the symptoms, or comfort the patient through medicine that numbs.

The recent phenomena of the legalization of smoking cannabis around the world is the Angel of Light (satan) releasing mental-health medication on national-levels to numb people’s sense of wisdom and discernment that comes through Pain. Pain tells us something is wrong and makes us seek help. If we’re numb, we don’t feel the pain and therefore we don’t seek treatment. Note the link to the physical breath, again with Cannabis.

While I’m talking about smoking, let me state that addiction to Tobacco is definitely Python (that which squeezes our physical breath out of us in an attempt to squeeze out our spiritual breath (Holy Spirit) out of us. Addiction, by definition, is the state of being bound, controlled by something outside of ourselves. Addiction is Slavery.

The Truth Sets Us free from Mental Illness

Scripture says that the we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free (John 8:31-32).  If we’re believing a set of lies that cause anxiety & depression in us, then the cure for anxiety is nullifying each lie with the truth and the truth is always found in scripture–and I don’t mean the Logos. I mean the Rhema found in scripture. If you don’t know how to find the Rhema for a certain situation, well that’s what the role of the Prophet is for 🙂 .

Therefore, Fear cannot be healed through medication. Fear, at its root, is a spiritual problem.

What does Scripture say that heals Fear?

Scripture says that Perfect Love casts out Fear (1 John 4:18).  Therefore fear is healed when we take on our true identity as Sons of God who feel loved so perfectly by God the father, that we no longer let Fear run our lives.  We’re protected by the strongest power in the universe? Why would we ever need to fear? We’ve surrendered to God the Father’s will, because we are perfectly confident in His ability to love and take care of us.  We are not even afraid of death.

“Though He slay me, yet will I PRAISE Him!” Job 13:15

The Greek word for anxious (merimnao) means “to be divided or distracted” in one’s thinking.  This means that we heal anxiety by focussing our minds on the right things. Philippines 4:6-9 tells us explicitly what to focus our minds on:

1. Prayer full of thanksgiving

2. Whatever is whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from Paul, or seen in Paul—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Philippians 4

If we could put all our mind’s focus on only these things, then this is the “renewing of the mind” that Romans 12:2 exhorts us to do. 

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romans 12:2

Slave presses on us to negate this: worries about finances, work, survival needs, security, self-worth etc. Now, during the Age of Coronavirus, Slave presses on us even more deeply to attack our mental health because now our minds are distracted by concerns about washing our hands, watching who we talk to and how close we get to them, by worries about our health, by worries about our loved-ones, by fears about our legacy, by all the Covid stats pouring out from all forms of media, by doubt about the nature of God etc.

I have believed for the longest time that the Internet is the reason for the rise of mental health issues in our young people.  After I saw the Greek work for anxious that means “divided/distracted”, this confirmed to me this belief.   We talk all the time about how distracting our phones and devices are.  If distraction and dividing our thinking is the root of anxiety, then the Internet, our phones & devices are the major cause of mental health illness in young people, today.

During Coronavirus, our minds have been constantly distracted and divided by all the Coronavirus stats and theories that are pouring out at us, from every form of media.  “Scientific” beliefs about Coronavirus change on a weekly basis.  This is the instability and shiftiness of the enemy of our souls. The battle ground is really a spiritual battleground and it takes place in the mind.  

If we want to reduce our anxiety, we need to turn OFF all distractions!  For young people, that might be putting away their phones.  For the older generations, it might be letting go of some of the unnecessary things that we do.  

  • Jealousy.  Saul is jealous when David meets success in a battle.  The dancers attribute David to conquering Ten Thousand, but Saul only a Thousand.  Jealousy is not what I would have expected to sit as part of the trajectory of Fear.  I guess this says that jealousy is a result of fear, then. We fear that we are not enough and this insecurity makes us vulnerable to jealousy.  Jealousy of what other people have, makes us fearful we might lose our own little Kingdom. When we are secure in our identity as Sons of God, we are not jealous when other people discover their identity and enjoy their Inheritance.  We celebrate it.  We know that God the Father’s provisions are without limits, so there is always enough to go around for ALL his Sons.   I have my own unique identity in Christ and my own inalienable Inheritance, so I am not threatened when others seem to be enjoying theirs. 
  • Paranoia.  Insecurity, anxiety and jealousy have now progressed to Paranoia. King Saul has made this huge leap in logic that praise of David means David will be after his Kingdom, next.  This is Paranoia setting in.

“As they danced, they sang: “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.”

Saul was very angry; this refrain galled him. “They have credited David with tens of thousands,” he thought, “but me with only thousands. What more can he get but the kingdom?” (I Samuel 18)

And from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David.”

If we look at 1 Samuel 22: 6-23, we read this awful account of King Saul accusing everyone of conspiring against him. He ends up murdering the Priests of the Lord because he thinks they are conspiring against him, too “…. that all of you have conspired against me? ” Murdering God’s anointed ones is heinous sin against God. This cannot be left unpunished and the punishment seems to be even more serious loss of discernment, —to the point of Delusions.

While I’m here, I want to mention that paranoia can cause people to miss the work of the Holy Spirit and call it demonic. Jesus says this is the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit in Matthew 12. Jesus also says that this is the “unforgivable sin”. I don’t think this sin is a one-way ticket to hell after we die. I believe Jesus is saying that this sin is ‘unforgivable’ because it is not without consequences. Each time you accuse something of the Holy Spirit of being demonic, there are consequences and the consequences seem to be more fear, more loss of discernment, more paranoia, paranoia that crosses into delusions. The result of all this is spiritual death and spiritual death does put one in hell. God is a god of bringing life to death, though. He illustrated this so many times in the Bible when he raised the dead to life, including the resurrection of his Son, Jesus. At the same time, though, we had better be careful about calling anything of the Spirit, demonic, without careful testing of it first. 1 Thessalonians 5:20 says, “Do not despise prophecies” and 1 John 4:1 says that we should, “Test every Spirit”. Before we can test anything, we must not despise it at first glance. If we despise it, it will never lead to a stage where we might test it. (As I write this, I remember the strange anecdote of King David pretending to be a madman (1 Samuel 210. I have no idea why this made it into the Bible, but if I find out, I’ll write about it here 😉 )

The Religious Authorities killed Jesus out of Fear. They feared His threat to their Kingdom. They feared public shaming as Jesus did things they weren’t able to do despite their religious ‘purity’. You could say that the Religious Authorities were paranoid of Jesus and called the things he did by the Holy Spirit as demonic. The consequence for blaspheming the Holy Spirit was even more loss of discernment until they actually killed their Messiah. Fear is not a unimportant matter. This is why it says over and over in Scripture to NOT FEAR. The only fear that we are allowed to have, is the “Fear of the Lord”. Fear of the Lord means being super cautious to not disobey God in anything, not even in the littlest of things. King David even prayed that the Lord would reveal to him his “hidden” sins—the sins that David was blind to. This is one area that we need God’s Anointed Ones (his Prophets). Prophets reveal to us our sins that we have a blind-spot against. God sent his prophets a few times to reveal David’s bind-spots. The most famous one was his sin of murder and adultery. The difference with David and most of us is that David humbled himself immediately, broke open before God right away, and repented fully when confronted with his sins. As reward for his humility and for his pure heart, the place that David repented for his sin of Rape, Adultery, & Murder became the site where Solomon built the temple of Jerusalem for the Lord. We may do things out of great Fear too, as David did, but if we repent quickly and humbly, the site of our ashes may be where a new church can be built for our Lord, too. It won’t be a new building though. It will be a transformed “YOU” to house the power of the Holy Spirit even greater than before..

  • Paranoid-Delusions.  Saul’s disconnect to reality due to Fear, grows.  He is prophesying, but not through the Holy Spirit, but through an evil spirit. 1 Samuel 16, 14 is when the Holy Spirit leaves Saul. Later, in 1 Samuel 18:10, Saul is prophesying without the Holy Spirit. This is Divination.  We next see him throwing a spear at David.  After that, he eyes his own son, Jonathan, and accuses him of conspiring against him in I Samuel 20: 30. Read in 1 Samuel 22 “No one discloses to me when my son makes a covenant with the son of Jesse….None of you is sorry for me or discloses to me that my son has stirred up my servant against me, to lie in wait, as at this day…” Delusions is when your disconnect with reality is so strong that you are blind to objective-evidence that says anything differently.   We all remember that David twice objectively proved to Saul that he wasn’t out to kill Saul, or take away his Kingdom.   David had two opportunities to kill Saul, but he didn’t.  David tried to show Saul that he loved him with objective-proof. This should have won over Saul’s sensibilities, but it did not because Saul was so afflicted by Paranoid-Delusions. 
  • Paranoid-Schizophrenia.  Finally, anxiety and fear reaches its very extremes.  When Saul starts speaking with dead spirits, he would be described, by modern medicine, as having Paranoid-Schizophrenia.  Psychologists say that if someone is hearing voices, that’s automatically schizophrenia. It is during the account of King Saul that the Lord says, “For rebellion is like the sin of Divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry.” (1 Samuel 15:23).  When Saul, out of great Fear that he was about to lose his Kingdom, took matters in his own hands (1 Samuel 13), he was in rebellion and so he was guilty of the sin of Divination. I don’t know how rebellion is the same as divination or arrogance is the same as idolatry, but this is what Scripture says. When Saul was speaking to the dead Spirit of what he thought was Samuel, he was more obviously in Divination. Modern medicine doesn’t allow room for the activity of demonic spirits, so they call interactions with Spirits as proof of mental illness and have named it Paranoid-Schizophrenia.   Doctors don’t know what causes Paranoid-Schizophrenia. They don’t have measuring tools for things they don’t believe in, such as the spiritual world.  They also don’t know what cures Paranoid-Schizophrenia, because they don’t know the cause of the condition.  The cause of Paranoid-Schizophrenia is an attack of evil spirits directly interacting with you. That suggests that Deliverance is the cure for Paranoid-Schizophrenia.

When I speak about how the church is headed towards Divination if it makes a pact with the author of Abortion in exchange for personal power in its quest to “save its Kingdom” during Covid, this is also informed by the story of King Saul and how he fell due to great Fear. King Saul reached for demonically-infused power out of Fear, to preserve his Kingdom but it did him in, in the end. The personal power one receives from Abortion is demonically-infused power which is Divination because the sacrifices to Molech required child sacrifices (an early form of Abortion). We see the King of Moab in 2 Kings 3 sacrifice his Firstborn Son and then he is suddenly able to push back Israel in battle. God’s hand of discipline wants to melt your heart, to turn you towards Him and if he has to take your Kingdom away to do it, He will. Trying to circumvent this by grabbing personal power in any other way other than repentance, is rebellion –and rebellion is as the sin of Divination. 

Remember how the Slave girl in Acts 16 was theologically correct in her prophesying, but her power-source was not Holy Spirit? I’m worried about this will be coming out of the church as a consequence of making this pact with Molech through the vaccines birthed in Abortion. Worse, I’m worried that God’s prophets post-vaccination will start prophesying “accurate things” but the power source will not be from God. At some point, the Spirit of the Lord left the Anointed One King Saul and he didn’t realize it. It could happen again. God completely razed Jerusalem to the ground due to the obdurance of the children of Israel. Might He do it again if his church starts moving in Divination? It’s war out there. It’s Spiritual Warfare. Satan wants the earth to be his Kingdom and God wants His Kingdom BACK. Malachi 4 talks of Great Judgement–as he separates the chaff from the wheat in the furnace of affliction. If you’re not building HIS Kingdom, be prepared to have your Kingdom razed to the ground.

Note that the Sun of Righteousness rises with healing in His Wings for those who FEAR the Lord. 

But for you who FEAR my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves. Then you will trample on the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty. Malachi 4:2-3

I’m not saying that modern medicine beliefs about mental health issues are not valid.  I’m saying that they are only addressing part of the issue.  Modern medicine is missing the component of spiritual warfare.  Our minds are under attack and if we don’t accurately diagnose the source of the attack, then we can’t come up with the correct treatment.  When God heals, it is a cure.  

Ideally, both modern medicine and principles of spiritual warfare work together to contend for the healing of people whose minds are suffering.

“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.”  2 Corinthians 10:4

Strongholds are networks of lies that you believe, that are so thick, they you live in the network and are in-prisoned by them. You could say that you live in a mind-palace of lies. You believe the lies, so you don’t believe you are in captivity. It becomes a blind-spot for you.

The Divine Power that demolishes strongholds are Truths brought to each lie, so each lie must fall.

We need to fight with weapons infused with divine power.  These would be discernment, wisdom, prophecy, healing & miracles.  God’s Sons hold the entire Inheritance: Prophet, Priesthood, Kingship.   Prophecy is the ability to teach the Word of God with Divine Authority and to be the mouthpiece of God.  Sometimes we cannot humanly know the root of our affliction. This is when the prophetic is needed. God tells us what is hidden (uncovered) and brings it to the light to be addressed, Priesthood is the ability to be an Intercessor for people’s healing, meaning applying what the Prophet has given us for the healing.  Kingship is Divine Authority to command angels to do our bidding and to command out demons. We need all three parts to accomplish God’s healing, which is True Healing, and this healing lasts…

Lies fall when truth is presented against each lie. This is how “truth set us free” (John 8:32). Sometimes the lies are so covered (hidden), that it’s impossible to find the correct truth to present to nullify it. I’ve written a blog that Uncovers Fear specifically related to the attack of Covid through fear on our minds. It’s my hope that what the Lord has uncovered for me, about Fear, will help you present the truth to the many lies that you believe about our struggle during the Age of Coronavirus, to break open the stronghold (prison) that holds you in captivity to Fear, to finally set you free 🙂 .

King Saul is an example of someone in the Bible, with a mental health issue. During Biblical times, they didn’t know about the brain (There is no word for ‘brain’ during Biblical times), so they were very far away from diagnosing King Saul with a mental health issue. So, were the demons real that the Bible said were afflicting Saul, or was it Schizophrenia? I think it was both. I believe that Paranoid-Schizophrenia is a result of evil spirits attacking our minds with an extreme number of lies and it is so “Slave” (explicit, controlling) that it comes out as voices speaking to us, telling (control) us what to do. Satan is the Father of lies, after all. Lies are ideas. Satan is also an Angel of Light. These are what appear to be good ideas, but they are not.  Be careful about all the things that you are led to obsess over out of Fear during Covid. See if you can identify where on the mental-health trajectory of King Saul you are on (Hint: Those who believe in Covid conspiracy theories are paranoid. Those who are destroying 5G cell towers believing they are spreading Covid, are paranoid-delusional. Being OCD about hand washing can be schizophrenic at its extremes.)

My wish for you during the pandemic is true freedom from your Fears. This is freedom from fear despite what is happening around us with Covid. This is the rock of Jesus upon which we stand that doesn’t go up and down with the Covid stats. Freedom of Fear entails healing of your fears before Covid and of your fears during Covid. Freedom Sessions is a good place to start. Then a Therapist. Prophetic ministry through both of these avenues, if available, would be ideal. If needed beyond this, then Deliverance ministry 🙂 .

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

1 John 4:18

We all wonder why King David had such great patience with King Saul. Even after Saul was dead, David recognized that Saul once was the Anointed of God and therefore should be honoured, no matter what his faults were (2 Samuel 1). It’s a rare thing indeed to be one of God’s Anointed and David honoured this. I believe that David was so patient with Saul, because he was moved by compassion for Saul. David recognized that Saul wasn’t acting his true self as he was under attack by evil spirits. I wonder if maybe Saul suffered from PTSD. When I read 1 Samuel, I see Saul constantly warring with the Philistines. This amount of violence and stress must take a toll on someone’s mental health. David wouldn’t have called it mental-illness, though, as the Biblical people did not have this concept yet (They had no concept of the “brain” yet and had no word for “brain” even.). But, regardless, David knew that Saul’s actions where something beyond Saul’s control and therefore David had compassion on Saul. David was trying to drive out Saul’s fear through love...

God did not gives us a Spirit of FEAR, but of LOVE, of POWER, and of a SOUND MIND (mental wellness)

1 Timothy 2:7

Lord, help your children to be perfected in the knowledge of how you love them, such that they can believe and therefore finally feel how much you love them, perfectly,– as a Child of yours and not as a Slave. Not as an Orphan. Bring to them your prophetic ministers–your Prophets, your Priests, your Kings– that can cut down the stronghold of lies that hold them in captivity, through the Sword of the Spirit which is the Rhema Word of the Holy Spirit. Help me be a part of this work, too. Amen