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It’s about preserving the right of parents to reject school curriculum that violates their conscience which might be religious conscience, cultural conscience, or personal conscience.

January 2018

My children attend the International School of Lausanne in Switzerland. The staff members are mainly British, Canadian, and American. A year ago, I discovered that the school plans to embed the idea that sexual orientation and gender are fluid (changeable), throughout the primary and secondary school curriculum. I found this out because of something that happened to my 13 year old son in school. Here is the story:

My son was in “Circle Time” which is when the children meet with the school counsellors to talk about social and emotional topics. The activity was for the children to pair up with another child and to discuss something they have in common and to share with the class what they have in common. My son paired up with another girl. They told the class that, “We are both straight [heterosexual].” The school counsellor then replied, “Time will tell…!” Her meaning was that the fact that he is heterosexual could change over time. Well, the class burst out laughing and my son and the other girl were the topic of discussion outside of class, in the halls.

So, I was very upset when I heard about this from my son, and I wrote to one of the principals to complain. I expected an apology and to be told that the teacher shouldn’t have said that. Instead, I was shocked that he said he would write to the teacher to get a statement from her about how she approaches the teaching of sexual orientation!

This is the reply I got from her, which was forwarded to me from the school principal which shows that the school agrees with her:

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Student Counsellor: “My approach is based on the notion that sexual orientation is on a spectrum.  On each side of the continuum you have straight and gay. People can fall at any point within that spectrum but most people tend to fall closer to one of the sides. There is another “category” known as Asexuality. All of these are natural and normal.  Homosexuality can be found in nature in all sorts of species (dolphins, elephants etc…) and is as natural as heterosexuality and asexuality. 

Placing sexuality on a spectrum rather than a dichotomy acknowledges the fact that some people may at different points of their life experience attraction to their same gender and still be predominantly straight or the opposite gender and still be predominantly gay.  This doesn’t mean they must always act on attraction but it is a good thing to know for the following reasons:

People experience good mental health when they are most congruent.  Congruence is when how we behave and who we are, are coherent and aligned.  Research has shown that being open to oneself and the discovery of what that may be (non fixed mindset) will reduce the possibility negative self-judgement and incongruence.

As sexuality is now seen as at times fluid and on a continuum, it is important that we allow ourselves the space to be who we may be at the various points of our lives.  That is not to say that people may not have clarity on what their sexual preference may be, but that with that, they may have to openness to future possible realities.”

Christians believe that God, the one that made us, knows the truth about how our bodies and minds work. Good mental health is when our self-worth and our self-identity is congruent with how our Father God in heaven feels about us. It’s not about changing our core-identity with the wind, according to emotions or to the prevailing trends of the times, or according to whatever will get us validation from other people (good looks, money, status, sex etc.) True well-being (peace, contentment, satisfaction) comes from being validated by Father God, who made us and loves us unconditionally–just as we are. He doesn’t ask us to fix our imperfections before he will love us. He loves us first, and that love relationship changes everything else to fall in-line with his desires for our life. If we circumvent the process whether through running after sex (the counterfeit substitute for feeling loved by God), or by having a sex-change; we never address the fundamental root of our brokenness– our self-image in front of God our Father, and what we think our worth is to Him.

That’s why freedom to teach God’s Word needs to be preserved and our freedom to speak out against things that destroy our self-image before God. If not, the answer to our brokenness will be silenced.

Besides this statement about the school’s position on sexual orientation, which if you read beneath the lines, includes the idea that gender-identity is fluid, –moreover, the school principal added this:

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One of the school principals: “…is a current “working group” that spans the primary and secondary schools, which has identified a UNESCO document which is guiding much of our thinking at the moment. We hope to embed much of our sexual education in a more comprehensive manner across the curriculum, homeroom, as well as well-being times.”

This means that the idea that sexual orientation and gender are fluid will be embedded in many subjects, throughout the primary school and secondary school curriculum.

As Christians, my spouse and I went into the school to have a meeting with two of the principals and the student counsellor to explain that it was unethical for the school to teach ideas that cross parents’ moral-conscience, like this. This not only goes against what Christians believe, it goes against all religions, many nationalities, many cultures. An International School has no right to teach students to explore their “gay inner-selves” when their native countries or the countries that they will move to, has made it illegal, and sometimes punishable by death.  Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, African, Russian cultures do not accept this. In fact, in Russia, this kind of teaching is considered LGBT propaganda against minors and this is illegal. I felt I could especially make these comments because I am a school teacher, by profession, and I have taught in International Schools. I know that the philosophy behind International Schools is that they should strive to be “inter-culturally sensitive” and to teach their students to be the same. The reply to my comment to the school about this is that these families can “go find another school”. OK. Right. They will if you tell them you are teaching their kids that sexual orientation and gender-identity is fluid! …but you are not! (So much for the idea that schools care about the well-being of their students!)

We got nowhere with the school. So, we decided to write a letter to the chairman of the Board of Governors of the school, asking that the school tell parents explicitly that they have plans to embed LGBT teaching throughout the school curriculum from primary to secondary. We said that it was unethical for them to not explicitly tell parents this. We also asked that parents be given an anonymous way to feedback on this idea. This request was in-line with Swiss culture that values its citizens having a direct voice in their affairs. Switzerland is the only country in the world that has direct-democracy. The reply to these both requests was basically, “No, the school will decide what it tells the parents…”

This issue is solely about two things: school transparency about school curriculum and the right for parents to have a voice about the education of their children.

I did not want to tell the parents, myself, as it would explode into a firestorm with parents rioting and then there would be hate and anger thrown back and forth, between the school and parents. I did not want the gay members of teaching staff to feel that this was about them and about intolerance towards them. It has nothing to do with them. For one thing, I highly doubt that this curriculum change is coming from them (at least from the ones I know). This issue is solely about two things: school transparency about school curriculum and the right for parents to have a voice about the education of their children.

Everyone is afraid of appearing politically incorrect.

I tried to get some parents to support me in pressuring the school to be ethical but everyone is afraid of appearing politically incorrect.

So, this is why I support the “Say NO to Censorship” referendum in Switzerland. Switzerland is the only nation in the world that has a direct democracy. This means that any individual can trigger a referendum to create, amend, or repeal a law by simply gathering enough signatures.

The UDF political party (Union Démocratique Fédérale) of Switzerland has started a referendum to repeal a law put into place Dec 2018 that makes homophobia a crime. The opposition is mocking this referendum by saying that “They want to preserve their right to insult a homosexual.” This is not a very nuanced understanding of the issues surrounding the referendum. The UDF party simply does not want this law to stifle discussion and debate around the topics of sexual orientation and gender-identity. Therefore the referendum is called, “So NO to Censorship!”

The current “trend” as you can read in the student counsellor’s statement is the idea that Sexual Orientation and Gender-Identity are fluid. The students can now change both, as they feel. This is just a trendy new idea with no proven-science behind it. What we do know and has been proven is that the model of a boy meeting a girl, marrying, birthing children together has worked as the building block and foundation of civilization since time began. We fiddle with this model at our peril. See this blogpost for what the Theology of Sonship says about this.

We also know that the gay community has experienced a great deal of pain due to social isolation, rejection etc. because of their same-sex attraction. I’m pretty sure the gay community, if it was honest with itself, would not want children to be taught that sexual orientation is an equal choice to heterosexuality. They know that this isn’t true; there are costs. As a Christian, I respect the gay community, and believe they should have equal rights in the world, just as all minority-groups should. But socio-political agendas that want to encourage children to explore their “gay inner-selves” have crossed a red-line for all peoples. This is no longer an issue about tolerance and respect for differences, or about equality-rights etc. It’s about indoctrination of the young.

Therefore, we need to preserve the freedom of speech to speak about, debate, and to take a stand against teachings of sexual orientation that even the gay community don’t accept. The gay community told their parents and friends when they “came out” that they had no choice in their feelings of attraction for the same-sex. Now, we’re going to say they had a choice all along? That is such a slap in a face to them–making them out to be liars. I see the gay community as pawns in this political game— as much as our children are.

I speak to those who identify as gay, as well as those who experience same-sex attraction but have renounced the gay lifestyle in favour of a higher relationship to God our father to JOIN with parents in denouncing Sex Ed curriculum that would teach children that their sexual orientation and gender is fluid and an equal choice for them.

I speak to those who identify as gay, as well as those who experience same-sex attraction but have renounced the gay lifestyle in favour of a higher relationship to God our father to JOIN with parents in denouncing Sex Ed curriculum that would teach children that their sexual orientation and gender are fluid and an equal choice for them.

The most controversial LGBT teaching in schools include the teaching of anal sex, digital (fingers) sex; and the idea that sexual orientation and gender identity is fluid and therefore a choice.

This is an issue that will hit every family, as the document being used to justify LGBT teaching in school curriculum comes from an UNESCO document

The most controversial LGBT teaching in schools include the teaching of anal sex, digital (fingers) sex; and the idea that sexual orientation and gender identity are fluid and therefore a choice.

I’m a Canadian and Canada is known to be very liberal and progressive, as compared to the rest of the world. If you are at all wondering what the “big deal” is about LGBT Sex Ed curriculum, read about the Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum, that the parents in the province of Ontario, Canada had to battle that was being forced on public school students from 6+ years of age. Know that in a few years, that if Switzerland and other countries don’t keep watch over its school and curriculum, this is their future too! (Watch those International Schools that they don’t import unacceptable foreign ideas and values into your country!)

Ontario, Canada -Sex Ed Curriculum

  • Age 6: Genitals and Consent
  • Age 8: Gender is a socially-constructed idea and is not linked to biology
  • Age 8: Homosexuality
  • Age 9: Romantic Dating
  • Age 11: Masturbation
  • Age 12: Anal Sex & Oral Sex
  • Age 12: Sexual Pleasure
  • Age 12: Keep a Condom with You
  • Age 13: “Make a personal plan about your sexual activity”

Read the Ontario, Canada Sex Ed curriculum for details about each learning objective in English, French , Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Arabic, and Portuguese.

I would like to know from my children’s school how much of Ontario’s Sex Ed curriculum will be in our school curriculum, since the Middle School curriculum coordinator, who came to the school only a few years ago, is from Ontario? The school never replied to my questions whether they were going to teach anal sex or believe that gender is socially-constructed, so I’m not likely ever to hear a reply to this question either.

The parents in Ontario, Canada protested vehemently when the curriculum was put into place in 2015. The Liberal Party, who was the government at the time, and had been in power for the last 15 years thought they were invincible. The premier of the province was Kathleen Wynne. She is a Lesbian and this was her LGBT Sex Ed curriculum. Parents protested but were ignored. Three short years later, in 2018, the Liberal Party was destroyed in the provincial election and the party lost official party status because it won so few seats. It went from 58 seats to 7 seats in three years. Kathleen Wynne resigned from being the head of the Liberal Party. This is what happens when you don’t listen to parents

So, know that your vigilance and your voice does make a difference.

Please follow the links below to get deeper into the issue. Canada was one of the first country’s in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, and you can see how the culture of the country has evolved since.

I actually have no problems with giving the gay community equal legal rights and privileges that are enjoyed by other minorities in society. What I have a problem is when others’ rights start interfering with my rights. The question of balance of power must always be addressed. If not, there is tyranny. My right to speak out against Sex Ed curriculum that contravenes my moral conscience (LGBT teaching) has been turned into a crime with this piece of Swiss legislation. By even writing this, I am putting my head above the parapet. My writing and my stance is not about hate. I am an International School teacher and I have taught alongside gay teachers. My children have had wonderful gay school teachers. Some of them, I would count as friends. It’s about my right to parent according to my conscience. I hope that the members of the gay community who know myself and my family will attest that we are not homophobic. I hope that the many people of this world who experience same-sex attraction but who don’t identify as a gay would also speak out to say that this is not homophobia. They, too, don’t want children to learn about these things because they know the heartache that same-sex attraction has brought into their lives.

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  • Toronto’s Gay Village: Toronto is the capital of Ontario, the province where the LGBT Sex Ed curriculum was created. This is the culture where all this was birthed out of it.

Canadian legal instruments that are slowly squeezing the spiritual life of Canadian Christians

  • Bill 10: Law forcing all Canadian schools in Alberta, including religious ones, to have Gay-Straight-Alliance clubs (GSA clubs). Read more here.
  • Bill 24 Law in Alberta forbidding Canadian teachers from telling parents about their child’s participation in Gay-Straight-Alliance clubs (GSA clubs) or that their child has come out gay. This is a legal wedge between parent and child. This is heinous interference in parents’ abilities to care for their children. Teachers don’t love the children enough to look after their social, emotional welfare; parents do, so don’t use laws to withhold from parents valuable information in order to look after their children. Read more here.
  • Explanation of Bill 10 & Bill 24-legal instruments in Canada
  • Bill C-16 Law that makes it criminal, across Canada, to not use non-gender specific pronouns. This is the reverse of censorship laws. It is forced speech. Read about it here. Google Professor Jordan Peterson for a non-Christian perspective to this, which says it is forced language.
  • A school principal in Canada of a Christian school told me that religious schools are feeling pressured to give up the teacher’s washrooms to have a transgender washroom, even if they don’t have a transgender student. If not, they fear losing government funding.
  • Trinity Western Christian University–Their law graduates cannot practise law in Canada because they have students sign contracts to refrain from sex outside of heterosexual marriage during their studies. This, effectively, shuts down their law school. The case was fought all the way to the Supreme Court of the Canada, but the university lost. I last heard that the university is changing the student contracts.
  • Control of employment contracts: After the Trinity Western University lost its appeal, I predicted that the next step would be the government wanting to control the employment contracts of all religious schools. In January 2019, I saw a news article saying that the Minister of Education in Alberta is going to do just that.
  • Canada Summer Jobs & Abortion: This is a government grants program. Employers that want to apply for government money to help hire summer students must sign a clause that say they believe in Abortion. This effectively puts religious organizations, churches, charities under financial pressure to compromise their beliefs. or lose their funding–making most inoperable.
  • I predict that the next step is that all employees of the state (nurses, doctors, teachers, professors, government workers) will have to sign an employment contracts agreeing to abortion etc., or not be able to work. Since there is no private health care in Canada, that means all Christian doctors, nurses will be affected. There are few private schools and universities in Canada, so most teachers and professors will be affected.
  • Students living in some Canadian university residences have to undergo LGBT sensitivity-training or they can’t live there. They are taught to introduce themselves by saying, “Hello, my name is_______and I go by the pronoun of ____________ ” (which can be any word they want.)

Canada is living under Tyranny

Fundamentally, Christians and other religions are being persecuted in Canada because they can’t escape the LGBT indoctrination of their children, but they do not realize it because they think the entire world is going through what they are going through. Over the years, Christians have become more and more oppressed, to the point they are actually living under Tyranny.

In the past, Europeans fled to North America (the New World) because of religious persecution. They felt that they could no longer live their lives according to their conscience. They could not raise their children as they wanted. So, they fled to another country.

The intolerance and financial pressure (agree or you will lose your government funding or your jobs) being put on Christians in Canada are impinging on their right to live their lives according to the conscience and to raise their children according to their conscience. The legal instruments described above are all coercive forces that are strangling Canadian Christians’ spiritual-lives. Americans are so afraid of tyranny that they have this love-affair with guns to protect them from the State. In fact, it is Canada that lives under tyranny. What kind of country creates laws to drive a wedge between parents and their children? (See Bill 24 and also read above.) This is an unacceptable and deep violation of people’s human right to agency. This is what religious persecution looks like in the 21st C.

Theology of Sonship

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet
Before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.  
And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,
And the hearts of the children to their fathers,
Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.
Malachi 4:5-6

The Bible prophesies that a prophet named Elijah will come, ahead of the Return of Jesus. The prophet is named Elijah because this is an allusion referring to the Elijah in 2 Kings who fought and overcame Queen jezebel. So, this End Time prophet is called Elijah because he, too, fights a jezebel—but this time it is the demonic stronghold called jezebel. This jezebel is mentioned in Revelations.

Nevertheless I have a few things against you, 
because you allow that woman Jezebel, 
who calls herself a prophetess, 
to teach and seduce my servants to commit sexual immorality
and eat things sacrificed to idols

Revelations 2:20

The reference to the Fathers’ hearts turning back to the Sons, and the Sons’ hearts returning back to the Fathers is when parents start guarding their children from ungodly influences, including sexual immorality–which the metaphor, “jezebel” refers to. This means before the return of Christ, the revival outpouring will include the healing of relationships between Fathers and Sons. “Fathers and Sons” is a metaphor representing parents with Full Inheritance and children with Full Inheritance. “Daughters” in the Bible did not receive the family inheritance so when the Bible refers to men and sons, it is not excluding females. It is emphasizing that this person holds the Full Inheritance. Holding the Full Inheritance means that you have “everything”, including Father God’s full approval. You walk on earth as Kings, Priests, and Prophets because you hold all the gifts—including the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit to heal, deliver, and prophesy.

Hope. Studies in the USA quoted by Andrew Marin say that the gay community is 67% more willing than the general population to return to their Christian faith. This means that the gay community is spiritually-sensitive. They long for community. Christians needs to rise to the occasion to offer unconditional love, and support without compromising the Word of God. The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword –dividing marrow from bone, but it loses its surgical and healing properties if it is compromised. The Elijah to come will speak personal prophetic Words of God to the gay community to heal it of its Orphan and Slave wounds. When I say they will be personal prophetic words, I mean that God will speak to each person, directly, one by one through the prophet Elijah. I don’t know if God will choose the person he will talk to, and then Elijah will bring the words to the person; or if people can ask for a direct Word from God from the Prophet. Time will tell! Certainly, God will speak through Elijah to gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transgenders and tell them that He means for them to be his Firstborn Sons and a personal Word about what that means for each person. Come Lord Jesus!

(We all have Orphan & Slave wounds, so Elijah won’t just speak to the gay community, but this community will not be left out. They will be first in line. They are God’s Sons. They are his prophets and his Firstborn Sons.)

There will be much more explained about the Theology of Sonship, but let’s start with that.

…but I want you to be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil.

ROMANS 16:19

The world believes that knowledge is power (echoes of the deception from the Garden of Eden), therefore the more knowledge that children have, the better. Thus, the schools believe that telling children “all their choices” is the golden standard for education. God created us, and he knows that knowledge of evil creates confusion which leads to wrong choices and wrong choices bring heartache and mental health issues. Let’s protect the innocence of our children from immoral teaching. God wants all of us to be innocent about evil (I did NOT want to know what digital (finger) sex was and this was something one of my children learned from school and then told me about!)

So, as parents, let’s turn our hearts back to our children and take back the governance of their character and morals. If we don’t feel equipped to do this, then the Church needs to train us how to do that. Our churches and church leaders also need to set their paths straight and be a true witness. Then, our children’s hearts will turn back to us. They’ll have a healthier image of God, as a result because parents are children’s most direct image of God. They’ll be the Sons of God that God meant them to be. They’ll walk as Kings, Priests, and Prophets, and not as Orphans without a Father in heaven, and not as Slaves with God as their angry Master.

Please think about voting in the referendum if you are a Swiss citizen. If you are not Swiss, you can stay informed by becoming a member of the UDC party.

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