Uncovering Fear

Dear Friend,

I woke up a day after I sent my letter (email) to you to give you a heads-up that the current Covid-19 vaccines are grown in cell-lines derived from aborted babies. and the Lord said, “short-cuts” to me, as I was waking.  Oh dear.  He was drawing a line connecting my email to an in-person sermon I heard a week prior, that was about not taking spiritual “short-cuts”.

So, I didn’t want to be back writing another letter, but here I am. So sorry!

I was fretting over whether my words in my last email were offending people to the point they couldn’t receive the message;  and here was God saying that I didn’t go far enough…. If the issue wasn’t so serious and painful, I might laugh, but I feel like crying.

I just SO want God’s message to us all, here, to make a break-thru in your lives, but will you even read and give it a second’s thought, because my words will be sharp?

The following will be very difficult to read, but I hope that you will at least give the Holy Spirit a chance to testify to the truthfulness of my Words by reading to the end.

The sermon I heard was to tell us to not take short-cuts, but it wasn’t explicitly about the upcoming Covid-19 vaccinations.  I take full responsibility for what is expressed in this email, but it is God who has drawn a dotted line between the message and the vaccinations and I’m just speaking out what He is saying.  So, here I am to tell you that God deems these Covid-19 vaccines to be a short-cut.  The sermon was preached a few days before online bookings for the vaccinations opened up where I live.  The timing of it held an unmistakable message.

We have the general revealed Word of God about the role of plague. Plague is judgement against sin (1 Chronicles 21 and 2 Samuel 24). Plague ends when God’s people cry out to him in deep repentance. The “place” where you repent becomes a place for a building of a new church for God.  King David repented for his sins that brought plague upon his people, and the place where he repented became the site where Solomon eventually builds the Temple of God in Jerusalem.

Note that the innocent can die as the result of plague that is due to sin (1 Chronicles 21, 2 Samuel 24).  

It appears that the “general revelation” of God’s will was not enough for us, so the next day God sent a specific revelation, so that we can really know His will for these vaccines.

No Short-Cuts

Now we have the specific Word about it.  God says that the Covid-19 vaccinations are a short-cut.  This means:

  1. God has a specific plan for the end of the plague.

We already knew this, generally-speaking, but it’s still very comforting to hear specifically that He has a plan for the end of the plague!

  1. God has a plan for what He wants to do with you through the plague
  1. The vaccines are a temptation for you to take a short-cut to get to the end of the pandemic, which will back-fire, as short-cuts always circumvent God’s will in our lives.  It never works out in the end. 

I have felt for many months that Covid is primarily more a spiritual attack, than an attack on physical health.  Not all people will fall seriously ill with it, but all in the world are being terrorized it.  Covid is a spiritual attack of Fear.  Now that I see that the vaccines are rooted in Abortion, it confirms to me that it is a spiritual attack.   This attack of Fear has primed the world to make a pact with the devil in exchange for prolonging our lives, and the world is falling for it.  This is how I know that Covid is a spiritual attack.  The end-goal of Coronavirus is spiritual harm for all, when not all will be physically harmed by it. 

How can we KNOW that these vaccines are not his will, apart from this revealed Word that it is a short-cut, which people who want the vaccine will undoubtedly, doubt?! 🙂

These vaccines have been grown in cells that came down generational lines from aborted fetuses several decades ago.  This is how we can know that these vaccines are not of God, apart from a revealed Word about it.  As followers of Jesus, we know the principle that death cannot birth life.  Death can only lead to death.  The Bible also tells us what happens when we form unholy alliances with the enemy and do not rely entirely on the arm of the Lord. The Old Testament reverberates with this principle, over and over.  It never works out.

I queried the Canadian Centre of Bioethical Reform, a Christian Pro-Life organization, when a Pro-Life friend flagged this issue to me.  The centre sent me this .pdf  https://s27589.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/12.04.20-warp-speed-vaccines.pdf   There is lots here to help you get started googling the issue.  

The vaccinations are a temptation for all of us to form an unholy alliance with the author of Abortion, Murder, and Death, ironically in an attempt to lengthen our lives, If you were writing a movie script, what kind of ending would you expect?

Leviticus 20:1-5 is a stern warning for people who close a blind eye when someone in the community sacrifices their child into the fires to the demon-idol Molech in order to gain personal power.  In 2 Kings 3, the King of Moab sacrifices his Firstborn Son to Molech in order to gain demonically-infused personal power to push back Israel during an intense battle, to hang onto his kingdom.  Remarkably, it seems that he succeeds.

In modern times, this demonic stronghold is expressed as Abortion, where children’s bodies are thrown into the fires of the incinerator and everything is couched in terms of personal power (women’s rights, women’s power over their bodies, equality, protection against poverty).

If God has such severe words for those who close their eyes when a child is sacrificed, how more severe will he be to those who benefit directly?  None of us were in the room when those children were aborted but if we directly benefit from that abortion through these vaccines, it is as if we were in the room and did nothing. Moreover, we were in the room and anticipated how we were going to personally benefit from that Abortion.

This vaccination is the same temptation as what was operating when the Lord spoke out his warning in Leviticus 20:1-5.  It’s the temptation to sacrifice a child into the fires to gain back your personal power.  DO NOT DO IT.  I fear consequences for you and those under your authority, if you do.  Therefore I write.  

It literally MAKES NO DIFFERENCE if the children were aborted decades ago.

The Pope has pronounced the vaccines as ‘moral’, despite its link to Abortion.  That great bulwark against the killing of children by throwing them into the fires has fallen.   His reasons are that the abortions were decades ago and are now ‘remote’.  https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-55409693

Well, let’s take a look at scripture for principles to help us discern about this.  God says that He punishes the sins of the Fathers to the THIRD and FOURTH GENERATIONS.  He blesses to a thousand generations.  What does this tell us about how God views “remoteness”?  A friend of mine said that we only have to think lustful thoughts and it is considered adultery.  God’s ideas of remoteness are not our ideas of remoteness. 

We know that curses travel down generational LINES and these vaccines use abortion-derived cell LINES.  Even within the name, we see a spiritual principle at work that should tell us to run from these vaccines. It will bring a curse, if not death .

The sin of that original abortion in the 1970s is still cursing us generations later, having flowed down generational lines through these “abortion-derived” cell lines: We’re faced with this choice between the literal “devil and the deep blue sea (an unknown future that has to be surrendered to God in trust)”.

The original sin of Adam & Eve still affects us, today, thousands of generational lines, later.

The root determines the fruit. Death cannot birth life.  This is a spiritual principle.  The world doesn’t live by this principle as the “ends justify the means”, for the world. Christians are supposed to be more discerning about how the root affects the fruit, but slowly our minds have been transformed to be more like the world, and not like heaven (Romans 12:2) such that we’re seriously contemplating partnering with Molech for personal expediency.

If God is saying these vaccines are a short-cut, this means he has a PLAN for the end of the pandemic.  So, WAIT FOR THE DELIVERANCE OF THE LORD.  When his deliverance comes, it isn’t going to be a moral, ethical dilemma.

The church cannot close its eyes to this.  Moreover, you have an obligation to warn your community because Leviticus 20 specifically calls out people who close their eyes when a person in the community sacrifices a child into the fires.  Do you seriously think that if Jesus was sitting at your kitchen table and you were asking him if you should get vaccinated with something rooted in Abortion, that he would, “Oh go right ahead.  I’ve no better ideas on how to end the Pandemic…”

Moroever, the King of Moab was demonically-empowered to push back Israel (2 Kings 3). So, I fear for those in the church community who move in spirit-filled power, because a pact with the devil would make the Spirit of the Lord leave you, and you’ll be moving in demonically-infused power and think it’s Holy Spirit.  We can see this exact thing happen to King Saul, which I will explain more at the end of this letter.   Sure,—-you can call me paranoid for fearing this, but the “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.  It’s the fear of the Lord that makes me see the worst possible scenario and call it out, and apparently, God doesn’t call this paranoia. He calls it wisdom 😀 .

This is the crux of the matter, for which I write: We’re contemplating a sacrifice of a child through Abortion in exchange for demonically-infused personal power, because this is what a sacrifice to Molech is for. We’re about to participate in DIVINATION. Divination is a partnership with the demonic for demonically-infused power.

You can be a great Christ-like figure, —an Anointed One like Jesus, and fall into Divination. We’ll discuss the example of King Saul, at the end of this letter, who did exactly that in great desperation and great fear that he was about to lose his Kingdom. If a King of Israel made this mistake, we could too.

(I’m speaking to all the pastors who are eyeing the vaccinations as a quick solution to get people back into their pews and tithing again. I’m talking about the temptation with this vaccine to save YOUR kingdom. God doesn’t want to save YOUR kingdom. He wants HIS kingdom to be established in your church. This is King Saul all over again, but in your church. The past year was time for pastors to build faith and courage in their congregants so that they will return to church without Fear. Those who did, will find it easier to refuse the vaccines. Those who did not…)

I’m not going to belabour more on what you cannot do in regards to the vaccine. Now,  I want to point you to what God is saying that we should be thinking and doing during the Pandemic, instead.

God has a Plan for You during the Pandemic

God has a plan for you during the pandemic.  Taking the vaccines is a spiritual short-cut and you will blow-up God’s plans for your life if you don’t wait for His deliverance.

See what happened to King Saul when he panicked that his kingdom was about to end (1 Samuel 13) and he took matters into his own human hands.  See what happened to Sarah when she took matters into her hands and birthed Ishmael, thus “forcing” the promise to be birthed prematurely.

Freed of Captivity to Fear

Coronvirus has been released to heal people from their broken Sonship-identities. We know it is broken because your identity is fear-driven. Sons of God do not live in fear.   Look at the example of Jesus. He didn’t let fears of contracting leprosy prevent him from touching a leper in order to heal him. We see all of Christendom afraid to touch the wrong doorknob, during Covid.

Sons do not live in Fear; Slaves live in Fear.

The Spirit you received does not make you Slaves, so that you fall back to living in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to Sonship. And by him we cry, “Daddy, Father.” Romans 8:15

Specifically, the healing of our identity is the healing of our Slave identities to become Sons of God.

This great healing of our identity was prophesied in Malachi 4, where God says that in the Great Day of the Lord, that he will “turn the hearts of the Fathers to the Sons, and the Sons’ hearts to the Fathers.”  Before this great healing, there is a great reckoning by God, metaphorically described as judgement by furnace (Malachi 4).

What do I mean by a broken Sonship-identity? This is what I mean: We are all positionally “Sons of God”, but many go through life experientially more like SLAVES of God where God is more their MASTER than a loving Father.   A marker that you suffer from a Slave identity is that your life is marked by Fear, because you know that Slaves can be dispatched at a drop of a hat.

“Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever.” John 8:35

Moreover, God wants to heal and deliver you from slavery due to Fear of Death:

Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might break the power of him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil—  and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death. Hebrews 2:14-15

The world is literally being held in captivity by fear of Death, right now.  We are literally being held in captivity due to self-imposed house arrest.  I never thought there could be such a thing—self imposed house-arrest. The irony of it all.

Imagine how unstoppable Christendom would be, if it we weren’t enslaved to fear of Death! Jesus is an example of what one can accomplish when one is not afraid of death.

Coronavirus has made the scales drop off our eyes as to how powerful Fear is in leading and controlling our lives.   Fear is such a regular part of our lives, that we’re accustomed to moving in it, even if there is no place in scripture that permits us to Fear.  The only thing we’re supposed to fear is the Lord, but the world fears everything else, BUT the Lord.  Coronavirus has opened our eyes that even Christians are the same as the world, in this regard.  This is sad, beyond measure.  Christians, above all communities, should be the community that is the least afraid of Death, but it sure doesn’t look like it by our collective reaction to Covid. 

The Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom:

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10

“The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

Coronavirus has opened our eyes to see that Christians simply don’t believe these principles found in the Book of Proverbs, about fearing the Lord.  Fear– God, and not the Coronavirus!  We abdicate authority to whatever we fear.  Whatever we fear becomes our Master and we become its Slave.  If Coronavirus is primarily a spiritual attack, then fearing it actually opens the gate for the virus to seriously sicken you. Don’t miss what I am saying: Being afraid of the virus gives it authority over you and then you are vulnerable to getting sick with it. If you don’t want to get sick and die of Covid, stop letting fear of it have mastery over you.

Stop giving authority to Covid to attack you, by fearing it more than you fear God! 

This deepens the meaning of the Bible verse about how the Peace of God guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7) It’s going to GUARD our physical lives, during the Age of Coronavirus, even.

Fear leads us in the Opposite Direction of Holy Spirit

The BIG PROBLEM with Fear is that it leads us in the opposite direction of Holy Spirit.  2 Timothy 2:17 juxtaposes the Spirit of Fear against the Spirit of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind [peace].  That would be the Holy Spirit.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  2 Timothy 2:17

I hope that as you read this letter, that you do start fearing, because I’m trying to put the fear of God in you, and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.

If you don’t know what Fearing the Lord means, it is this: The Fear of the Lord means that you are very careful about everything you do, because you fear consequences from God, if you sin.  You even avoid the appearance of evil, because the Fear of the Lord is on you so strongly.

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil” . I Thessalonians 5: 21-22

“Blessed is the one who fears the Lord always, but whoever hardens his heart will fall into calamity”. Proverbs 28;14 

My hope is that you will not read this letter and immediately harden your heart against the Fear of the Lord.  Get the Fear of the Lord. Whatever you do, get the Fear of the Lord, which is Wisdom.

God’s plan during the Coronavirus pandemic is to heal the world of its Sonship wounds which are marked by captivity to the Spirit of Fear. This was prophesied in Malachi 4.

“See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes.  He will turn the hearts of the Fathers to their Sons, and the hearts of the Sons to their Fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.” Malachi 4:5-6.

People have been singing the song, “These are the Days of Elijah” for two decades. Actually, the Days of Elijah are just about to start…

Freed of Captivity to Control

God also wants to heal the world (which includes you and I) of the Spirit of Control, through the Coronavirus pandemic.

We fear, and then we reach for Control, without even giving it a second thought.  Control is the opposite of Surrendering ourselves to the Holy Spirit.  Moreover, where there is a Spirit of Control, the Holy Spirit has no room to move.  Holy Spirit is described metaphorically as the wind, or “breath” because it is supposed to have open fields upon which to move through and upon.   This isn’t possible when your Spirit is completely gripped closed through the Spirit of Control out of intense Fear.   We can metaphorically describe someone as being “paralyzed by Fear”.  If your Spirit is paralyzed by Fear, Holy Spirit has no room to move.  The Spirit of Control works in tandem with the Spirit of Fear to squeeze out the works of the Holy Spirit in your personal life and in your spiritual community.

The Lord started speaking to me about how Fear attacks us many decades ago. The picture he gave to start teaching me this was of a friend whose chest was bound by a corset.  The Lord named the Spirit that bound her through Fear and Control with the name, “Python”. Corsets wrap around your chest, which is your breathing mechanism. So do Pythons, when they are trying to kill you.  

The place where I’ve found Biblical justification for this extraordinary statement that God gave me is Acts 16 where a Slave girl is afflicted by Python, whereby she prophesizes.

“Now it happened of us going to the place of prayer, a female Slave, having a spirit of Python, met us, who was bringing her masters much gain by fortune-telling.” Berean Literal Bible Acts 16:16

I’m not going to go into great length at this point the link with Divination, but I hope to in a future writing because it is a strident warning that says that those who move in Fear and have a huge need to Control (have a broken Sonship identity called Slave) who move in supernatural powers are moving in Divination, when they think they are moving by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Slave, when moving in Divination becomes Python.  I knew this decades ago, so this is not a new idea to me but I never imagined the reach for Control out of Fear could happen so quickly in Christendom and be a world-wide phenomenon. The church is in danger of falling into two directions. One is spiritual death. The other is Divination. (I’ll explain the spiritual death risk later in this letter.)

This is why I am so alarmed to see Christians right now, honestly contemplating making a pact with the Spirit that governed Molech (child sacrifice, abortion).  The ancient peoples offered sacrifices to Molech by throwing their child into the fire in exchange for personal power, in the form of demonically-infused power (King of Moab in 2 Kings 3). We’re walking down this exact same road with this vaccine. I see it.  I’m sorry few others see it.  This is why I am writing to warn all of you. I’m so afraid for my spirit-filled (supernaturally -empowered) brothers and sisters who take this vaccine…

The Crux of the Issue

I hope you are following.  Fear is a marker of having a Slave identity (Romans 8:15).  Slave, when moving in supernatural powers, is described as Python because the girl in the Book of Acts, with fortune-telling powers, was afflicted by Python and she was a Slave girl. Note that what she shouted at Paul was scripturally correct.  It just came from the wrong power source.  I fear that prophetic people who make this pact with Molech with this vaccine will be doing the same thing, in a few months.

Having your Spiritual Breath Squeezed out of You– Spiritual Death

Besides falling into Divination, there are other consequences for giving into Fear, for living in your Slave identity. Pythons squeeze your literal breath.  In fact, the Slave girl in Acts got her oracles by descending into a cave where she breathed in noxious fumes, literally affecting her physical breath, in order to get her oracles. (I believe this was an earlier form of people smoking drugs to get [prophetic] hallucinations.)   20+ years ago I learned that Python squeezes out your spiritual breath through Slave control. It wasn’t until right before Covid that I learned that Python affects your literal physical breath, too. I was in a study about the Book of Acts that provided background information about the Slave girl in Acts 16 that told me that she got her oracles through breathing in noxious fumes. Here was a Word from God that took 20 years for a “confirmation” to come, and it came from history. This is why I know I didn’t make all this up about Python 20+ years ago, all by myself.

God named it Python.  How does the metaphor “Python” help us understand Slave and Fear?

Uncovering Python

Pythons squeeze out your literal breath.  Part of the Hebrew word for Holy Spirit is “Ruach” which means “breath”.  Holy Spirit is metaphorically described as “breath”.  As well, Jesus “breathed” on the disciples to give them the Holy Spirit (John 20:22). So, the ultimate aim of the Spirit of Python/Fear is to squeeze Holy Spirit out of your life. Sometimes Python will attempt to squeeze out your literal breath in order to squeeze out your spiritual breath (Holy Spirit). He attacks your literal breath through attacking your lungs.  We see that the main attack of Coronavirus is pneumonia, that attacks our lungs. 

By the way, the Greek word for Spirit is, “Pneuma”, which has a similar meaning to the word, “Ruach”.  In light of this, Pneumonia could be described as an infection of our Spirits, then (as well as an infection of our physical lungs).  It appears that what literally affects our lungs has an impact on our spiritual breath too.   “We live and breathe and have our being in Christ”, don’t we? (Acts 17:28)

Other ways that Python can attack our literal breath include asthma, anaphylactic shock, tobacco, any allergies affecting your lungs, any sickness or disease or affliction related to your lungs.  These ailments attack our lungs by narrowing (squeezing) our airway. Here is the squeezing effect, again. Afflictions of the lungs are all mediums for Python to attack your literal breath, on his way to its ultimate aim of attacking your spiritual breath which is the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.

People who are in danger of losing their breath are gripped by Terror. I experienced this once during a severe asthma attack, as a teenager. I experienced this Terror again when my daughter was in ICU fighting for her life, with pneumonia on a ventilator. I can assure you that when gripped by Terror that there is no room for Holy Spirit to get your attention!

Moreover, “Ruach” has a related word that is very important to us.  The word is “Rhema” as in the “Rhema Word of the Lord”. The Rhema is the spoken Word of God, after He has BREATHED life into it. You cannot have the Rhema if you don’t have the Ruach. You can’t speak if you’ve lost your breath. Spoken words must ride our breath in order to be audible. You cannot speak the Prophetic Word of God if you don’t have the spiritual breath upon which it rides.

Wow. This tells us that Python’s ultimate aim is to attack the Rhema Word in us, in the church, in order to squeeze out Holy Spirit’s breath in us that sustains our Spirits and therefore our spiritual lives..  This means that this is Coronavirus’s ultimate aim, too, since the reigning Spirit that governs Coronavirus is Python (both attack the breath).

Let me explain this in non-metaphorical language. Fear affects our lives because it makes it hard for us to breath. We hyperventilate when we are afraid. If we can’t breath, we can’t speak because speech depends on air flowing from our mouths. If we can’t speak, we can’t preach, teach, speak the Prophetic Word of God. In metaphorical language, we have been paralyzed by Fear. We have been muted by Python.

I note that folklore says that Moses had a stuttering problem. Well, stuttering happens as a result of great fear. Moses had a lot of dealings with snakes. He had great authority over snakes. Python, a ‘snake’ saw this and pushed back by affecting his speech, through Fear.

The Power of the Spoken Word

God spoke and things came into being. The spoken Word has authority in the spiritual realms to create and do divine works, that the written Word does not. We are made in God’s image and have this power too, when we speak. This is why the power of life and death are in the Tongue (Proverbs 18:21). What happens when we are gagged by Fear? We cannot release the spiritual authority that we carry into the world.

(Python also afflicts people by squeezing their necks–the place where breath passes. People who gag and can’t eat as a result are suffering an attack of Python (Slaves don’t eat much). The Hebrew Word for “soul” is Nephesh, which literally means “the neck”. Draw your own metaphor from that. I think you’re getting the hang of seeing into the spiritual realms, the way I do.)

I often wonder if maybe my Words would be more effective if I spoke them to people,… but I’ve been also “gagged by Fear.” People are afraid of my Words and don’t want anything to do with them because it challenges them spiritually. To my surprise, I’ve discovered that most people during Covid aren’t interested in having their Slave wounds healed. They’d rather go back to Egypt!

The Rhema is the personal, living, practical, applicable Word straight from the mouth of God to address you and your concerns…

Do you still want to tolerate the leading of FEAR (Python) in your life?

Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Rhema (spoken Word) that proceeds from the mouth of God.  Jesus puts Rhema on the same order of bread, when bread was daily sustenance needed for survival.  I believe that when Jesus taught us to ask God to “give us our daily bread”, he didn’t just mean bread to eat.  He also meant a daily Rhema Word from him.  Wow.  Imagine that!  Jesus expects that we hear daily from him on a personal level.   We can see that if we got this on a daily basis, that our spiritual lives would be ON FIRE.  Without the regular Rhema, our faith becomes dead. Our spiritual breath has been squeezed out of us and if we go on, it becomes a Religious Spirit that keeps us going to church, doing the “church” thing but it no longer has any relationship to a living, personal relationship.  It’s become habit, culture, or a part of our lifestyle — a comfortable social club/community for us.  God wants to FREE his children of this, through the Coronavirus pandemic!  Fear is literally squeezing out Holy Spirit, the Rhema Word from the church and from your life.  

This is why God characterizes the Spirit of Fear and Control by naming it “Python”.

The attack of Coronavirus is an attack on the Rhema Word of God in the church. The church will die of starvation without its daily Bread—-the Rhema Word of God. 

Children of God, the Lord has unleashed Coronavirus, —not because he’s really interested in punishiment.  He wants to heal us of our captivity to Fear because he knows the affect of Fear on our spiritual lives.  Now you know too. 🙂

The Judgement of God is the Discipline of God towards his Sons whom He Loves

Everything is sitting on a knife’s edge. “The Angel that brings Death” held out a sword as he executed judgement in the form of plague, after King David sinned by counting his strength in human terms instead of relying entirely on the hand of God.  The sword was a “knife’s edge”.

Things can fall in two opposite directions. This is why I say everything is sitting on knife’s edge.   It may fall on one side of the sword: We might be wiped out by Coronvirus’s attack–the attack from the Spirit of Fear a.k.a. Python.   Or, it may fall on the other side of the sword:  We may be set free from our captivity to the Spirit of Fear. 

Where it falls is entirely UP TO YOU and to ME.  Where it falls for the church is up to where it collectively falls for each Christian in the body of Christ.

This is why God has released Coronavirus to discipline his church.  It is judgement, but it is judgement with a purpose towards purification.  We know how stubborn Man is.  God’s hand has been forced to do this, because He knows that Man will not change unless forced to, by calamity.  See the entire Old Testament to illustrate this!  God can easily stop Coronavirus, but he cannot easily turn the hearts of Men.  Therefore, God releases something like Coronavirus that sits on a knife’s edge.  It will either destroy or renew.  This is Tough Love from Father God and why He risks such Tough Love..

The Physical Attack of the Spirit of Fear

We’ve talked about the ultimate spiritual effect of Fear, but I want to elaborate on the physical part, now, because we are mainly freaking out because Coronavirus threatens our physical health.  (We should be freaking out more about the spiritual attack aspect, but I understand it if we don’t: People are dumb like sheep.)

We consider fear as mainly emotional, but it is also physical.   We metaphorically talk about someone having their “breath taken away” in awe. This is a “good taking away”.  The Fear of the Lord includes great AWE at his awesomeness.   The perverted form of awe-ing God is fear of everything that isn’t God.  Fear can also be physical. We hyperventilate when we are under incredible fear.  We lose our breaths. 

God started teaching me (uncovering for me) what the Spirit of Fear is, through a health attack on our family 20+ years ago.   Unfortunately, God’s favourite way of teaching us is by life experience. This is why he’s teaching you about Fear, through this life experience of Covid of yours.   When it’s life-experience, He has our complete attention. 

Twenty+ years ago, we fought and defeated the reining Spirit over pneumonia and lung damage that threatened our 18 month old daughter’s life.  The testimony is here. She had pneumonia and was on a ventilator.  During the worst moments,  I was so terrified that I couldn’t catch my breath (Note the link here between fear and the physical breath.) I had no idea what the name of the Spirit was, that was trying to kill my daughter, until Covid started.  I had the name, “Python” and a basic understanding that it is Slave, fear, control, bullying from 20+ years ago.  I didn’t know it was what attacked my daughter, though, until Covid started and I saw Python also attacks the literal breath. 

As the Lord opened my eyes to what Coronavirus was, I realized that it was actually Python that we had fought and defeated, when we won back the life of our daughter.  

Moreover, the pneumonia had eaten away her left lung. (Don’t miss the symbolism from this for what was happening in the spiritual realms at the time.  Python was trying to destroy the breathing mechanism that supports the breath of life, Holy Spirit, in us, even. In other words, if she had died, our spiritual lives would have died. I would have become the walking dead.)  

The doctors said that her left lung was gangrenous (dead) and would have to be removed as soon as possible, to prevent a re-infection that may kill her, again.  The Lord released a miracle to heal her lung. Her lung was re-grown. The “breath of life” started to move through that lung that was pronounced dead a month prior.   A few months after her ordeal, CT scans and a pulmonary breath test showed that her lungs were completely healed and no one would know she had ever suffered pneumonia or lung damage.  You may read her entire testimony of healing & a miracle here.   The wording of this testimony was written years before Covid, by the way.  So, when I talk about being so terrified that I couldn’t catch my breath, I had no idea the depth of what I was saying at the time that I wrote out the testimony. 

Twenty+ years ago, we put the reigning spirit that controls pneumonia and lung damage under our feet.  We didn’t know it at the time, but the name of it was the Spirit of Fear a.k.a Python.  The Spirit of Fear/Python rises again and this time it comes in the form of Coronavirus.   If I were you, I’d stick close to my knowledge, wisdom about Coronavirus at this time, during the Age of Coronavirus… I’ve defeated it before.  I will defeat it again.  Sticking close to me would keep you safe from its attack 🙂 .

You don’t want to get to pneumonia, on a ventilator, suffering from permanent lung damage to learn these lessons, as I had to.

If you had no clue what Coronavirus meant, or what it’s doing, I’ve explained it here for you.  Please don’t harden your hearts to the Word of the Lord. Receive it as a child, with openness, with faith, and with hope.  It will change the trajectory that you are on.  You’ll refuse the vaccine.  You’ll put your trust in the Lord.  You’ll defeat the Spirit of Fear, the Spirit of Fear of Death that is strangling your spiritual life, right now.  You’ll shed your identity as a Slave of God to be a Son of God who holds the entire Inheritance of Prophet, Priest, and King. A part of the Inheritance for Sons of God is protection from plague.

Hardening your heart is allowing doubts, questions, the quest for “ration” to upend the Word of the Lord that has come to you.  The Word of the Lord comes as the breath of life—-invisible, immaterial but powerful nonetheless.   It’s so immaterial that you will miss it, if you harden your heart. The word, “hardening” has the connotation of squeezing, gripping too. It’s Python (fear in the form of doubt) that hardens your heart, too.

Proverbs 28;14 says, “Blessed is the one who fears the Lord always, but whoever hardens his heart will fall into calamity”.


Let’s go back and re-visit where I was at the beginning of this piece of writing.  I was warning you to not make a pact with the author of Abortion by taking the vaccines that have been literally birthed in Abortion, because it is a short-cut and short-cuts do not end well, as we see in the accounts of King Saul and Hagar.

You are so frightened that what would have been obviously immoral is actually a plausible choice in front of you. How did we get to this point?  This is the power of the Spirit of Fear on God’s children.  

The Breath of Life enters Dry Bones

God is saying that His church is the dry bones and tendons of Ezekiel 37 but He wants to breathe the breath of God back into it.   I knew things were bad in the church but I wouldn’t have described it as Dry Bones. These are God’s Words. Not mine.  The church has kowtowed to fear of government about speaking out against Abortion, against LGBT Sex Ed, against Gender-Change surgery for children. See the connection?  It’s all related to issues of caregiving of children. Jesus had his most violent words against people who make children stumble (Matthew 18:6).

How do I know that the Coronavirus plague has been released as judgement against our moral failures for the past 50 years in the safe-guarding of children? (Abortion has only been legal for the last ~50 years).  It’s because we have this temptation in front of us to partner with the author of Abortion to extend our lives.  

Tit for that.  We closed our eyes in complicity to Abortion and now we’re forced to partner with it to ‘save our own lives’ and the lives of our own children. 

The church has kow-towed to culture, to the slave-inducing effects of financial pressures (Government removing funding if we speak out against sin)  such that we’ve had the breath of the Holy Spirit sucked out of our lives.   In other Words, Python (fear) has squeezed out the Rhema Word in the church and substituted it with the Logos.  The Logos is “Slave”.  

Hint: All those books hastily written by theologians to explain the Covid-19 pandemic to make a profit and increase one’s stature during this terrible time, is speaking the LOGOS about Covid-19. What you have in front of you costs you nothing to read, and brings me rejection and persecution for speaking is the RHEMA Word about Covid-19.

Slave squeezed the spiritual breath out of the Religious Authority in Jesus’s time to be only the Logos. Slave to the written Word is legalism and the Pharisees and Scribes were held in captivity to legalism.   A Slave’s relationship to his Master is based on written contract, therefore the penchant for the black & whiteness of the written law by Slave.  There are so many rules binding us, during the Age of Coronavirus. Some of the rules don’t even make sense but we obey them because they give us a sense that we were on control of the crisis, but it is an ILLUSION of control.   I’m thinking right now of the arrows in the grocery stores that force us to shop in one direction.  Slavery to the legalism of rules (rules for the sake of rules) and to Fear.  It is really an attack of Slave on the world.

The Logos (the black & white marks in your Bible which are understood academically and not by the Spirit of the Lord) is interpreted very narrowly and doesn’t have faith underpinning it. The Logos is only upheld by belief.  Belief is not faith. Faith needs risk-taking before it is faith. Therefore, belief requires courageous action, before it becomes “faith”.  Faith is belief expressing itself as courage in action.  

During Covid, we have multiple opportunities to demonstrate faith by putting our beliefs into courageous action.  Hint.  If you’ve imprisoned yourself in your home for the last year, you don’t have faith.  At best, you have belief in the Word of God.  At worst, you are operating out of a Religious Spirit where you are doing what you do, saying what you say out of habit, culture, or social norms to fit in with your chosen community that just happens to take place in a church building, and not-even—- during the Age of Coronavirus. I’m referring to church via webcam.

How are you putting courage into action during the Age of Coronavirus?

(Aside: *When I speak about putting courage into action, I’m not talking about anti-masking, anti-restrictions, political protesting. God disciplines his children through plague, famine, and sword in the Bible. In our modern age, plague is plague. Famine is economic hardship. Sword is political oppression. Political oppression is also the discipline of God. Scripture says that the “Divination is as the sin of rebellion, and arrogance the sin of idolatry”” (1 Samuel 15:23). If political oppression is the discipline of God, the answer is not political protest. Again, the answer to stopping political oppression is the same as for plague, which is the same as for economic hardship—-it is crying out to the Lord, falling prostrate before him, confessing the sins of the nation in such specific terms that our hearts are truly humbled and repentant. Pushing against government oppression is the sin of rebellion because the oppression has been released from the hand of God. See the Bible where this is always the case. In Biblical times, it was neighbouring nations that warred on Israel. In our modern times, it tends to be our own governments oppressing the church. Political protest is another form of trying to exert control, that gives us an illusionary feeling that we are in control. Rebellion is as the sin of Divination so we’re in big trouble, here, if we rebel against government that the Lord has installed to discipline us. Please see my first letter for reasons why Christians should not be full of anti-government rebellion and hate. Hint: We’re being a horrible witness when the fields are ripe with harvest during the pandemic.)

Some people characterize the church as dying, but I wouldn’t have called the church “dry bones and tendon”. If the church is the Logos, and God wants to breath Holy Spirit life (Rhema) back into it through Covid,  then I accept His description that it is dry bones and tendon.   Realizing this does not put me in despair.  It causes me to rejoice because we all know what God does to those dry bones—-He breathes the breath of life back into them (Ezekiel 37)!

Setting the Slave Free

We’ve had ~ 50 years of the secularization of society, 50 years of throwing children into the sacrificial fires in exchange for demonically-infused personal power, 50 years of living in Sodom & Gomorra, 50 years of the church closing its eyes and dying a spiritual death as a result of its complicity in society’s slide into depravity and sexual immorality. The 50th Year is the Year of Jubilee.  What happens during the Year of Jubilee?  The SLAVE is set FREE!

Let me clarify before you accuse me of being a hater, that we should be loving and healing the LGBT community and moving them more towards being like Sons of God, rather than moving our children to be more like them. In other words, take a stand against LGBT Sex Ed in the schools. Care about the education of your neighbour’s children, and not just about your own. Jesus says his most violent words against those who make little children stumble (Matthew 18:6).

One of the SINS that the church has to confess to turn God’s hand of plague away from us is our past hatred and abuse of gay people. You can’t confess properly what you don’t understand and the church is a long way from understanding how it has abused gay people.

Since I’m on the topic of what sins the church needs to confess before the Lord, let me say that we need to repent in sackcloth & ashes for our past complicity to Abortion. One in three women in my country has had an Abortion. A huge factor in this, which the church doesn’t recognize, is that many of these abortions happened to our daughters in the church. Why? Because the church SHAMED them into aborting their babies. The church needs to confess its SIN of closing its eyes, if not directly encouraging women in the church to abort their babies by shaming them for having sex before and outside of marriage. When I was a teenager, I was told by several girls whom I knew that their ‘Christian’ mothers had told them to abort their baby. I was told by one son that his father had closed a blind-eye when his girlfriend’s parents pressured her to abort their baby. If the church already has a long history of closing its eyes to Abortion, I can see why the church is blind to what it is doing with these vaccines. It’s being complicit because it’s always been complicit. Pastors who lead their congregations in “thanking the Lord” for these vaccines offer sacrifices of thanksgiving to Molech all over again for that Abortion.

You want the pandemic to end? Confessing the sins of abusing gay people and shaming daughters and sons into aborting their babies would be a great start…

You think I’m insane for believing that our relationship to Jesus gives us immunity to plague, even though it says right there in Psalm 91 that it is so? You think I’m insane for refusing the vaccines because I literally believe what scripture says? Well, I think you’re insane to inject yourself with something birthed in Abortion. Who is the insane one? Who is the wise one? Who is the one with the Fear of the Lord on her?– because it is the FEAR of the Lord that brings Wisdom.

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

I’ve been looking, like many of you, for the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit as prophesied by Joel 2:28.  It seems that every great work of God is preceded by an equivalent magnitude of crushing.  During your darker moments, take heart.  There is a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit ahead, when she will sweep in and breathe life back into the church.  See with Spiritual eyes the great thing that God wants to do and not just with natural eyes at Covid, that puts terror into our hearts.

God says that we are not to Fear—anything. Now, I hope you have a better idea of why we shouldn’t fear, let-alone let terror make every decision in our lives during the Age of Coronavirus.

Satan knows the great thing that God wants to do through Coronavirus, and so he is doing all he can, while he has the opportunity during the pandemic to destroy the breathing mechanism that supports the “breath of life”. In other words, his plan now is to destroy the church by tempting it to make a pact with him to “extend its life”.   We see church leadership looking at the vaccines birthed in Abortion, as a way of filling the church pews again, and getting people back to tithing. 

Pressures to touch unclean things in order to survive is a marker of Slave. See the Parable of the Prodigal Son where he is forced to touch the pig pods (unclean things) to feed himself, to meet his survival needs. When he ran away, he was an “Orphan” for his broken identity (I can’t explain what Orphan means, here.). When the Prodigal Sons loses everything and becomes broke, he takes on the broken-identity of “Slave”. The definition of Slave is someone who works and works but brings home very little reward (gain, money). Slave needs to touch unclean things in order to survive. The unclean thing that Slave reaches for to meet his survival needs when he is absolutely desperate is Divination.

Can you make the analogy to what Christendom is facing, as it desperately tries to hang onto its Inheritance?


Freed of Captivity to Fear of Death

Now. God is wanting to break us free from our Slavery to the fear of Death, even.  Why?  The Fear of Death is the Strongman.  If we can bind the strongman, we take possession of the entire house (Matthew 12:29).  If we can overcome our Fear of Death, we’ll overcome all other fears at the same time.  God is preparing his church for great work, ahead, that needs that type of courage—courage in the face of death, even.

Surrender breaks Fear

How do we break free from Fear,— let alone fear of Death?

Well, the sermon, which I believe is a Rhema Word to the church about the Covid-19 vaccines rooted in Abortion, has the answer. 

The answer is Surrender.  Surrender to God the timing and manner of our deaths.

We have immunity from Coronavirus through our relationship to Jesus, but there will be Christians who die of Covid.  Well, then it was their time to return home to heaven.

“A person’s days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed.” Job 14:5

Surrender to this truth. It will set you free of your need to control every little thing in an attempt to live longer when nothing you do against Coronavirus is actually lengthening your life.  All these machinations with masks, hand sanitizers, social-distancing, singing only while sitting down are grasping for straws. We’re desperately trying to have some control over our terror so we reach for every little thing. None of these things have been keeping you safe. It has ONLY been the sovereign Will of the Lord.

If you fear that God may spuriously take your life, then your relationship to God is more like that of a Slave to a Master, than of a Son to his Father.  Slaves are insecure that their Master may spuriously abandon them.  A Son is in the home forever:

“Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever.” John 8:35

If you fear that your death may happen randomly without God’s notice, or due to not being “perfect” about your hygiene, —perhaps touching the wrong doorknob at the wrong time, then you are acting more like a Slave than a Son.  Slaves live under the Letter of the Law.  One wrong move and you are punished. This is our legal system which is unforgiving because Legalism is unforgiving. Sons live under Grace.  Sons get second, third, endless chances…

God notices every fall of a Sparrow (Matthew 10:29-31). Will He not notice your death?  God is not random or capricious.   Surrender to the sovereignty and wisdom of God, our Father.  Live as His Sons, not His Slaves. 

Believing these things to the point that you start living out these beliefs is FREEING.  I’m experiencing this FREEDOM now. I don’t feel like there is a pandemic going on for me: “A thousand falls on one side. Ten thousand may fall on your other side. No harm from plague will come near you.” (Psalm 91).

I’m not saying all this from a place of being “holier than Thou”, either. Due to my experience of terror with my daughter’s battle with pneumonia, I was more terrified than many and way earlier than most people in the West. I was freaking out in the middle of February, already, as soon as I saw Covid jump to Italy because I knew that it was on its way to the entire world at that point..

Our testimony of how God healed and gave a miracle to our daughter should have given me the opposite of Fear. I should have been completely secure and full of faith that God would protect us from Covid because He had delivered us from pneumonia in the past. Why would God have given us such a Deliverance, only to let Covid nullify it all, 20 years later? I feel so ashamed to admit that I was the opposite of Faith at the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve done a fast-learning curve, though, since a year ago. I’m hoping you can ride my story so as to obtain your own FREEDOM from captivity to FEAR, too.

The pandemic is going on, but it’s not going on for me or for those under my authority. (People under our authority include children, grandchildren, staff, students, people we spiritually mentor.) The protection that we have from our relationship to Jesus extends to those under our authority.  There are authority lines of protection in operation, just as there are generational lines of curses and blessings in operation, too.

A thousand falls on one side.  Ten thousand falls on the other side, but no harm will come near me during Plague (Psalm 91).  THIS is part of the Inheritance of the Sons of God. 

I also believe that those in authority over us are protected too. If God wants to protect us, it makes sense that he also protects those who look after us (pastors, employers). I see this in the account of Jacob and Laban. Laban specifically states that he has prospered because Jacob was sheltering under his roof.

Believing all these things that I’ve stated during the Age of Coronavirus will seem insane, irrational during the Age of Coronavirus.  THIS is the PEACE that surpasses ALL UNDERSTANDING. 

If you’re behaving more like a Slave than a Son, then all this isn’t going to be a part of your Inheritance because Slaves don’t get an Inheritance.  Only Sons do.  The protection of Psalm 91 is in your hands—-Treat God like a Master and you, his Slave, —fearful and lacking trust and lacking faith—- and don’t be surprised if you and your loved-ones don’t have the Inheritance of protection from plague during the Age of Coronavirus.

Surrendering to the will of God is the answer to nullify the spiritual attack of Coronvirus. 

It is as simple as that, but as profound as that.  The Wisdom of God always confounds the wisdom of Man, so don’t let the simplicity of what healing from the attack of Coronavirus/Slave/Python/Fear/Control for the world looks like.   God’s discipline is first against the church, his children, because God disciplines those he loves.  Once the church is disciplined, the rest of the world will be delivered of the pandemic, as well.  It’s ironic that when bad things happen, that Christians firstly blame non-Christians when the Bible clearly shows that plague, sword (political oppression), famine (economic hardship) are disciplinary measure of Father God towards his children, first. “Whom God loves, He disciplines” (Hebrews 12:6).

Surrendering to the Lord is what heals our captivity to the Spirit of Control & Fear.  Surrender to Him even the timing and the manner of our deaths. 

The Spirit of Control that comes out as Abuse

As I mentioned, the Lord first started speaking to me twenty years ago about the Spirit of Fear & Control by giving me a picture of a corset wrapped around a friend’s chest. 

Fear is a master at controlling us, but fear is also the reason that we try to control others and the medium we use to control others.   We control others by trying to make them afraid of painful consequences if they don’t fall into line.  An extreme expression of this control is bullying and abuse. In recent years, Coercive Control has been criminalized and formally recognized in the UK as a form of domestic abuse. Abuse doesn’t have to be in the form of blood and black & blue marks, before it is abuse.

It is no coincidence that the incidences of Domestic Abuse have sky-rocketed during Covid. I hope you’re not “strangling” your spouse, your children, your parents, your loved-ones out of a Spirit of Control fuelled by Fear.

Control by harnessing fear is huge authority (control) over others but it is False Authority.  The police and law system operate harnessing False Authority.  They control us through fears of fines or punishment.  We can see the out-sized role of the police and law system to control us, during the Age of Coronavirus. 

There is a more powerful form of authority. It is love.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

True Authority is Love. True Authority elicits desired behaviours in others by putting in others a desire to do what you want, out of feelings of love and not out of fear of punishment.   The gracious, merciful Love of God does exactly that.  God is Love, therefore God is True Authority. For those of us who grew up in a family, a school-system, or a culture where fear of punishment was the rule, instead of the exception, will find this kind of authority incomprehensible and unbelievable.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18

If you are being held in captivity to Fear during Covid, this is the time to explore how and why you don’t feel perfectly loved enough by your Father God, such that you are so insecure, so fearful, trying so hard to control everything about your life but with no satisfaction or FREEDOM etc. Slaves long for FREEDOM. Why aren’t you living in Freedom, despite being a child of God?

God’s Plan for You During Covid

This journey is the personal journey of transformation that God wants for you, during the pandemic. It is a journey of the healing of your Sonship wounds—-healing you of your Slave identity to become a Son of God—-with the full Inheritance of Prophet, Priesthood, and Kingship.  Don’t take a short-cut.  You won’t arrive at your desire destination.

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:

And he shall turn the heart of the Fathers to the Sons, and the hearts of the Son to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. Malachi 4:5-6


  1. God says the Covid-19 vaccinations birthed in Abortion are a short-cut
  2. If they are a short-cut, then God has a plan for how he wants you to grow and transform during the Pandemic, and He doesn’t want you to cut it short, before it is accomplished.  I believe God desires to break you free of your Slave identity that is held in captivity to Fear, to Control, to Fear of Death
  3. Short-cuts never work out. They blow-up in our faces.  Satan is a back-stabber.  He always promises more than he can deliver.  I don’t know exactly what will become of the present vaccines that were birthed in Abortion, during the next few months, but I know that what they are promising you won’t materialize. This is because satan is a back-stabber.   

There could be another variant that overtakes the current Covid-19 virus that renders all current vaccines useless—billions of vials of 0.5 ml clear liquid worth billions of dollars,– good only to be dumped and incinerated as many babies bodies have been throughout the ages.  Wouldn’t that be poetic irony?  

Restrictions are not coming down in the near-future, as the scientists say that people can spread the virus despite being vaccinated. Are you sure that the freedoms that you seek with the vaccines will actually materialize for you? Satan is a liar, a deceiver, and a back-stabber that masquerades as an Angel of Light. He always promises more than he can deliver.

We don’t know how long immunity from vaccination will last. It could be a couple of months, or for only a year or so. Wouldn’t it be a kicker to take the vaccination and be under restrictions during the entire time you are immune, and have to be vaccinated again, –when restrictions start to lift? Wouldn’t it be a kicker if the virus that you were vaccinated against months ago, has died out naturally, so you are being vaccinated with a different vaccine to cover a new variant that elbowed the old virus out of existence? (Note: I am not an anti-vaxxer. I only have issues with vaccines birthed through sin.)

I don’t believe restrictions are going to lift until God accomplishes the purposes He has for Covid and I don’t see his church breaking open that quickly, because the hearts of Men are stubborn. If Men’s hearts won’t melt before God, they will melt before Death. God is waiting for his children to throw our hands up, confess we have no ability to lead our lives correctly, our wisdom is rubbish, we’ve sinned in our ignorance and God is our only hope! God is waiting for his children to cry out to him in true ashes and sackcloth. Then, and only then will the tide turn against Coronavirus. God can stop the Coronavirus easily but He can’t easily turn the hearts of Men.

To be frank, I’m surprised at how quickly the world ran to the vaccines when nothing about them has been proven. These vaccines have been birthed very quickly under huge political, economic pressures. They’ve been birthed with a huge profit-motive as motivation. There’s an element of prestige for companies and nations to produce a vaccine. To me, this is the height of blind faith. Injecting yourself with an unknown substance is the height of exercising blind-faith. No one seems to be concerned about dangerous side-effects from a vaccine that has been pushed out so quickly, with so many corrupting factors possibly at play, that we’ll never know about. As I write, news is coming out of the suspension of one vaccine in 14 countries, due to fears that it causes blood clots and anaphylactic shock (Note the link to the breath here—anaphylactic shock). I was warning people who don’t care about the morality of the vaccines to at least consider the natural risks of an unknown vaccine, such as negative side-effects. Days later, the announcement of the suspension of vaccine in 14 countries. It is a confirmation of the Word of the Lord to me that the vaccines are an Angel of Light that will backstab us in the end, but will people believe it? Injecting one’s self with an unknown, unproven substance is the height of BLIND faith. I note that Pythons (snakes) have poor eye-sight, and poor hearing…

Ironically, people think I’m advocating blind-faith for pointing people to the scriptures about fear, about trust, about surrender, about faith, about the healing and protection that God has provided for his children. I think Jesus has proved himself over and over such that this is not blind-faith. Faith in Jesus in not a leap into the dark. It’s a leap into the arms of Jesus and I’ve just spent pages describing to you what the arms of Jesus look like.

As the song goes, will you take Jesus at his Word?

‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to take Him at His Word;
Just to rest upon His promise,
Just to know, “Thus saith the Lord!” Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er;
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
Oh, for grace to trust Him more! I’m so glad I learned to trust Him,
Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend;
And I know that He is with me,
Will be with me to the end. Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er;
Jesus, Jesus,…

Be sure that the freedoms that you desire will actually materialize for you, before you are vaccinated. Satan is a backstabber. He always promises more than he can deliver.

God may release a deadlier variant or even an entirely new virus that is more deadly if God’s children don’t quickly get with the program.   Will the church not open its eyes and heed the signs that these vaccines are a grasping after straws?  This cannot be the deliverance of the Lord.   These vaccines have been birthed in murder.  We cannot partner with death and hope to birth life.  

Slavery Primes us for a Supreme Fall

Satan has done a supreme job of laying down a perfect foundation of Slave in our Spirits.  We are terrified of illness & death, terrified of destitution due to economic repercussions (Slaves work very hard but bring home no money).  We are sick of living in literal captivity (self-imposed house arrest)—Slaves have no freedom.  The definition of a Slave is someone with no freedom who works and works but takes no money home.  We are terrified of losing our kingdoms and our Inheritance (Slaves don’t receive an Inheritance.  Only Sons do.).  Because satan has done such a supreme job of attacking our identities as Sons of God to feel more like Slaves during Covid, we’re actually contemplating making a pact with the Spirit of Fear & Control (Python) in exchange for “Freedom”.   

Slaves long for freedom and this vaccine is promising freedom, but it is an illusion. Sin promises a lot but only puts us in bondage.

“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”  Galatians 5:1

King Saul’s Tragic battle against Fear

For those in spiritual leadership–God’s clergy, pastors, prophets—-, I especially ask you to heed the account of King Saul

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I connected the story of King Saul to the trajectory of how Fear travels and how it destroy God’s plans for us.  See if you can make the connections between his story and what is happening in the church, due to Coronavirus, making the connections between King Saul’s story and your story.  Hopefully your story and the story of your Kingdom (your church, your ministry) don’t end up the way King Saul’s did.

This is the path that Fear travels from King Saul’s story and I believe Fear travels this path in all of our stories, if we don’t keep it in-check. Coronavirus is taking this same journey through everyone in the world, right now. This is what I find so remarkable—the scale of the spiritual attack!

  • Saul suffered from Low Self-Esteem and was very Insecure.  When the time came for him to be announced as King of Israel, he runs and hides in the baggage!  Saul is of the tribe of Benjamin, which was the “youngest” and smallest tribe of Israel,  Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob.  Saul inherited his lack of confidence at least partially through generational lines, Benjamin was the youngest son in Jacob’s family and this translated into the tribe of Benjamin being the ‘youngest’ and therefore the fewest in number in the “family clan”.
  • Saul, due to his lack of confidence, suffered from Anxiety.  This is not spelled out explicitly but we see that he calls in David to play the lute for him, when an “evil spirit” is afflicting him. I believe he was suffering from anxiety as many of us sooth ourselves with music when we feel anxiety.  

“And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.” 1 Samuel 16:23

  • Saul may have been suffering from Depression too.  Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand.  Depression comes from feelings of loss of control.  Again,—we have the issue of control here.  

While anxiety is having too many focuses (foci?)–distracted & divided thinking. (The Greek word for anxious [merimnao] means “to be divided or distracted” in one’s thinking), depression is having a too narrow focus.  Everything is focussed on one negative thing that comes to define you and then shapes your identity. Again, we have the aspect of narrowing, and gripping here.

Coronavirus is obviously causing huge mental health issues, around the world.

Slave Attacks our Mental-Health

(*Every time I refer to Slave, I’m also referring to Python and to Fear. They all work hand in hand, but one name may suit one context better, and then I’ll use that word.)

Mental illness is the word that describes any mental state where someone lacks peace, when someone lacks the Shalom (wholeness) of God. I believe that mental illness is a result of an accumulation of too many lies in your mind. Satan is the Father of Lies.  Mental illness is the accumulation of too many lies about who you are, about who God is, about what fulfills you, about what gives you security, about what brings you love, about what brings you self-love, about what is the purpose of your life, what others feel about you, about what your parents/grandparents/teachers/pastors did to you, about what your TRUE IDENTITY IS.  

Modern medicine has rationalized all aspects of our humanness, that we’ve been stripped of the ability to see the influence of the spiritual realm on our lives and on our physical health. As God calls me to heal people of their Orphan wounds (broken Sonship), it involves, amongst many things, bringing back together the physical realm with the spiritual realm.

(I can’t take the time to explain Orphan wounds here, but Slave is a subset of Orphan: All Slaves are Orphans, whereas not all Orphans are Slaves. Orphans eventually self-destruct and end up as Slaves, though. The Prodigal Son at the beginning of the Parable when he was sinning without restraint was Orphan. At the point he becomes broke, he becomes Slave.)

The Biblical people didn’t have this schism between the natural and the supernatural. The modern age has made the chasm so wide that the Bible has been relegated to something no better than a “positive-thinking” book during the Age of Coronavirus. Psalm 91 is quoted only as a feel-good piece of poetry that can’t possibly be taken literally or used to guide our thinking or actions, during a world-wide pandemic.

Sure, anxiety & depression can be the result of chemical changes in our brains but that shouldn’t exclude the idea that lies that we believe–that the demonic have injected into our brains, could be the reason for the chemical changes.   

Modern medicine limits our abilities to heal sickness, disease, mental health issues when it only looks at properties visible to the natural eye, at work.  What about the spiritual realm?  If the spiritual realm is at the root of an illness, then modern medicine can never cure the problem. It can only control the symptoms, or comfort the patient through medicine that numbs.

The recent phenomena of the legalization of smoking cannabis around the world is the Angel of Light (satan) releasing mental-health medication on national-levels to numb people’s sense of wisdom and discernment through Pain. Pain tells us something is wrong and makes us seek help. If we’re numb, we don’t feel the pain and therefore we don’t seek treatment. Note the link to the physical breath, again with Cannabis.

While I’m talking about smoking, let me state that addiction to Tobacco is definitely Python. Addiction, by definition, is the state of being bound, controlled by something outside of ourselves.

The Truth Sets Us free from Mental Illness

Scripture says that the we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free (John 8:31-32).  If we’re believing a set of lies that cause anxiety & depression in us, then the cure for anxiety is nullifying each lie with the truth and the truth is always found in scripture–and I don’t mean the Logos. I mean the Rhema found in scripture. If you don’t know how to find the Rhema, well that’s what the role of the Prophet is for 🙂 .

Therefore, Fear cannot be healed through medication.

What does Scripture say that heals Fear?

Scripture says that Perfect Love casts out Fear (1 John 4:18).  Therefore fear is healed when we take on our true identity as Sons of God who are loved so perfectly by God the father, that we no longer let Fear run our lives.  We’re protected by the strongest power in the universe? Why would we ever need to fear? We’ve surrendered to God the Father’s will, because we are perfectly confident in His ability to love and take care of us.  We are not even afraid of death.

“Though He slay me, yet will I PRAISE Him!” Job 13:15

The Greek word for anxious (merimnao) means “to be divided or distracted” in one’s thinking.  This means that we heal anxiety by focussing our minds on the right things. Philippines 4:6-9 tells us explicitly what to focus our minds on:

1. Prayer full of thanksgiving

2. Whatever is whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from Paul, or seen in Paul—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Philippians 4

If we could put all our mind’s focus on only these things, then this is the “renewing of the mind” that Romans 12:2 exhorts us to do. 

Slave presses on us to negate this: worries about finances, work, survival needs, security, self-worth etc. Now, during the Age of Coronavirus, Slave presses on us even more deeply to attack our mental health because now our minds are distracted by concerns about washing our hands, watching who we talk to and how close we get to them, by worries about our health, by worries about our loved-ones, by fears about our legacy, by all the Covid stats pouring out from all forms of media, by doubt about the nature of God etc.

I have believed for the longest time that the Internet is the reason for the rise of mental health issues in our young people.  After I saw the Greek work for “anxious”, this confirmed to me this belief.   We talk all the time about how distracting our phones and devices are.  If distraction and dividing our thinking is the root of anxiety, then the Internet, our phones & devices are the major cause of mental health illness in young people, today.

During Coronavirus, our minds have been constantly distracted and divided by all the Coronavirus stats and theories that are pouring out at us, from every form of media.  “Scientific” beliefs about Coronavirus change on a weekly basis.  This is the instability and shiftiness of the enemy of our souls. The battle ground is really a spiritual battleground and it takes place in the mind.  

If we want to reduce our anxiety, we need to turn OFF all distractions!  For young people, that might be putting away their phones.  For the older generations, it might be letting go of some of the unnecessary things that we do.  

  • Jealousy.  Saul is jealous when David meets success in a battle.  The dancers attribute David to conquering Ten Thousand, but Saul only a Thousand.  Jealousy is not what I would have expected to sit as part of the trajectory of Fear.  I guess this says that jealousy is a result of fear, then. We fear that we are not enough and this insecurity makes us vulnerable to jealousy.  Jealousy of what other people have, makes us fearful we might lose our own little Kingdom. When we are secure in our identity as Sons of God, we are not jealous when other people discover their identity and enjoy their Inheritance.  We celebrate it.  We know that God the Father’s provisions are without limits, so there is always enough to go around for ALL his Sons.   I have my own unique identity in Christ and my own inalienable Inheritance, so I am not threatened when others seem to be enjoying theirs. 
  • Paranoia.  Insecurity, anxiety and jealousy have now progressed to Paranoia. King Saul has made this huge leap in logic that praise of David means David will be after his Kingdom, next.  This is Paranoia setting in.

“As they danced, they sang: “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.”

Saul was very angry; this refrain galled him. “They have credited David with tens of thousands,” he thought, “but me with only thousands. What more can he get but the kingdom?” (I Samuel 18)

And from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David.”

  • Paranoid-Delusions.  Saul’s disconnect to reality due to Fear, grows.  He is prophesying, but not through the Holy Spirit, but through an evil spirit. This is Divination.  We next see him throwing a spear at David.  After that, he attacks his own son, Jonathan, and accuses him of conspiring against him.  Delusions is when your disconnect with reality is so strong that you are blind to objective-evidence that says anything differently.   We all remember that David twice objectively proved to Saul that he wasn’t out to kill Saul, or take away his Kingdom.   David had two opportunities to kill Saul, but he didn’t.  David tried to show Saul that he loved him with objective-proof. This should have won over Saul’s sensibilities, but it did not because Saul was so afflicted by Paranoid-Delusions. 
  • Paranoid-Schizophrenia.  Finally, anxiety and fear reaches its very extremes.  When Saul starts speaking with dead spirits, he would be described, by modern medicine, as having Paranoid-Schizophrenia.  It is during the account of King Saul that the Lord says, “For rebellion is like the sin of Divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry.” (1 Samuel 15:23).  When Saul, out of great Fear, took matters in his own hands (1 Samuel 13), he was in rebellion and so he was guilty of the sin of Divination. I don’t know how that works (yet), but this is what Scripture says. When Saul was speaking to the dead Spirit of what he hoped was Samuel, he was more obviously in Divination. Modern medicine doesn’t allow room for the activity of demonic spirits, so they call interactions with Spirits as proof of mental illness and have named it Paranoid-Schizophrenia.   Doctors don’t know what causes Paranoid-Schizophrenia. They don’t have measuring tools for things they don’t believe in such as the spiritual world.  They also don’t know what cures Paranoid-Schizophrenia, because they don’t know the cause of the condition.  The cause of Paranoid-Schizophrenia is an attack of evil spirits directly interacting with you. That suggests that Deliverance is the cure for Paranoid-Schizophrenia.

When I speak about how the church is headed towards Divination if it makes a pact with the author of Abortion in exchange for personal power in its quest to “save its Kingdom”, this is also informed by the story of King Saul and how he fell due to great Fear. The personal power is demonically-infused power which is Divination, which is what the sacrifices to Molech were, too (2 Kings 3). God’s hand of discipline wants to melt your heart, to turn you towards Him and if he has to take your Kingdom away to do it, He will. Trying to circumvent this by grabbing personal power in any other way other than repentance, is rebellion –and rebellion is as the sin of Divination.

Remember how the Slave girl in Acts 16 was theologically correct, but her power-source was not Holy Spirit? I’m worried about this will be coming out of the church as a consequence of making this pact with Molech through the vaccines birthed in Abortion. Worse, I’m worried that God’s prophets will start prophesying “accurate things” but the power source will not be from God. At some point, the Spirit of the Lord left the Anointed One King Saul and he didn’t realize it. It could happen again. God completely razed Jerusalem to the ground due to the obdurance of the children of Israel. Might He do it again if his church starts moving in Divination? It’s war out there. It’s Spiritual Warfare. Satan wants the earth to be his Kingdom and God wants His Kingdom BACK. Malachi 4 talks of Great Judgement–as he separates the chaff from the wheat. If you’re not building HIS Kingdom, be prepared to have your Kingdom razed to the ground.

Note that the Sun of Righteousness rises with healing in His Wings for those who FEAR the Lord.

But for you who FEAR my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves. Then you will trample on the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty. Malachi 4:2-3

I’m not saying that anything modern medicine is saying about mental health issues is not valid.  I’m saying that they are only addressing part of the issue.  Modern medicine is missing the component of spiritual warfare.  Our minds are under attack and if we don’t accurately diagnose the source of the attack, then we can’t come up with the correct treatment.  When God heals, it is a cure. 

Ideally, both modern medicine and principles of spiritual warfare work together to contend for the healing of people whose minds are suffering.

“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.”  2 Corinthians 10:4

Strongholds are networks of lies that you believe, that are so thick, they you live in the network and are in-prisoned by them. You believe the lies, so you don’t believe you are in captivity. It becomes a blind-spot for you.

The Divine Power that demolishes strongholds are Truths brought to each lie, so each lie must fall.

We need to fight with weapons infused with divine power.  These would be discernment, wisdom, prophecy, healing & miracles.  God’s Sons hold the entire Inheritance: Prophet, Priesthood, Kingship.   Prophecy is the ability to teach the Word of God with Divine Authority and to be the mouthpiece of God.  Sometimes we cannot humanly know the root of our affliction. This is when the prophetic is needed. God tells us what is hidden (uncovered) and brings it to the light to be addressed, Priesthood is the ability to be an Intercessor for people’s healing, meaning applying what the Prophet has given us for the healing.  Kingship is Divine Authority to command angels to do our bidding and to command out demons. We need all three parts to accomplish God’s healing, which is True Healing, and this healing lasts…

Lies fall when truth is presented against each lie. This is how “truth set us free” (John 8:32). Sometimes the lies are so covered (hidden), that it’s impossible to find the correct truth to present to nullify it. I’ve entitled this blogpost, “Uncovering Fear”. It’s my hope that what the Lord has uncovered for me, about Fear, will help you present the truth to the many lies that you believe about Coronavirus, to break open the stronghold (prison) that holds you in captivity to Fear, to finally set you free 🙂 .

King Saul is an example of someone in the Bible, with a mental health issue. During Biblical times, they didn’t know about the brain, so they were very far away from diagnosing King Saul with a mental health issue. So, were the demons real or was it Schizophrenia? I think it was both. I believe that Paranoid-Schizophrenia is a result of evil spirits attacking our minds with an extreme number of lies…. Satan is the Father of lies, after all. Lies are ideas. Satan is also an Angel of Light. These are what appear to be good ideas, but they are not. 

The Garden of Eden shows us that when Man is given a choice, he isn’t able to discern between good and evil.  The snake, perhaps it was a Python snake, promised more than he was able to deliver.  We don’t have the knowledge of good and evil that he promised Eve.   The fruit looked good to Eve.  It started with the idea that this thing “looks good”.  Then came the rationale.  The fruit would nourish her body. It’s a basic-need thing. It’s about meeting my survival needs. This is a good thing.  Then, came the doubt:  It can’t be that this fruit could really be evil.  It doesn’t look evil.

Draw your own parallels to the Covid-19 vaccines, in front of us.

Finally Arriving Home

Scripture says that Perfect love casts out fear.  God’s plans for you during the Pandemic is for you be healed of your Slave identity which is marked by Fear, through knowledge of how Perfect his love for you, really is. He wants you to walk in your identity as a Son of God—-holding the full Inheritance which is Prophet, Priest, and King.  He wants you to discover and understand WHY you don’t feel perfectly loved enough by God that He would not protect you and your loved-ones, during the Pandemic. Then, he wants to heal all that.

You can only be healed of Fear by overcoming the Fear.  Not by giving into it. Not by avoiding it.  These vaccines will not deliver you of your Fears of Coronavirus.  Maybe for a short time period, but there will more variants, more contradictory information, the next virus.  There are no boundaries to fear because fear has no boundaries therefore paranoia is able to exceed rational boundaries. I think the whole world is going to be suffering from trauma (PTSD), soon. I feel the most sorry for children, whose parents have instilled in them Fear (endlessly warning them about doing this and that, or not doing this or that as it’s going to sicken them, kill grandma etc) in order to control them during Covid. This is Python parenting at its height.

Trauma is perfect breeding ground for feelings of loss of identity and disconnect. Here again, we see the connection between Fear and identity issues.

King Saul’s sad trajectory was low self-esteem, then lack of confidence, anxiety & depression, jealousy, paranoia, paranoid-delusions, and finally paranoid-schizophrenia.

As I look at the world fully traumatized by Covid, I see different pockets of people all along this continuum in various spots.  Where on the continuum are you?  Note that it’s typical for people suffering from paranoia to not see it… It’s only when it tips into delusions that family members are first alerted.

I believe the story of King Saul has a great deal to teach the world about its handling of Coronavirus.   We need to have our eyes open to where along the continuum we are, and to fight to move in the opposite direction, and NOT cooperating with the continuum.  Because, the end point of King Saul was the loss of his Kingdom that, ironically, his desperation to hang onto caused his mental health problems to begin with.  Then he committed suicide.

I’m saying that King Saul’s path is the path of Coronavirus. Let that be a warning about what is ahead and make you more discerning of the direction you are travelling in.

Practical Ways to Put Courage in Action (develop Faith)

If you want to start changing the direction of your trajectory during Coronavirus, GO TO IN-PERSON CHURCH, the next chance you get. Then do something in-person that you would normally do, if it wasn’t for Covid. Wear the mask, do the social-distancing etc. but DON’T put your faith in them. Tell yourself that God is your shield and protector. When you come home and don’t drop dead of Coronavirus, tell someone and give God the praise for protecting you. Then, find something ELSE to do that you would normally do, if not for Covid. If you want to jump-start your healing, find a gospel tract in one of your desk drawers. I know you have them. The next time you are at the groceries, hand it to the cashier before you leave the store. FEEL the joy that this brings you. You’re no longer letting Fear lead you, but Courage. The joy of the Lord is your STRENGTH. Go on like that, and feel the chains drop off you.

An Idea to help you find Freedom from Slavery

Within the Bible are all the answers to life, including life during the Age of Coronavirus. Believing, following and practising scripture gives us the IDENTITY & FREEDOM that our Father in heaven meant for us, before we were even conceived. If you’re having problems DOING the Bible, here is a program that will MAKE you do the Bible. I attended an in-person program (28 weeks) offered through my church during Covid (when in-person was allowed by our government). It was the most transformative learning experience I have ever had, apart from my daughter’s healing & miracle story. The program is called Freedom Sessions. Freedom Sessions is unique in that it FORCES you to do the Bible through accountability groups—all the things that you know you should do but are terrified or have no clue how to do: facing your besetting sins, addressing your character defects, forgiving others, forgiving your abuse, asking others for forgiveness, making amends with people you have wronged, forgiving yourself, finding freedom from shame, breaking demonic soul-ties, establishing regular time to hear the Rhema Word from God. The program is like an A.A. program grounded in Scripture. The way to conquer Fear is to conquer it head-on, with the support of others. If you want a great start towards finding your freedom from Slavery, find a IN-PERSON Freedom Sessions near you, or start one in your home (if restrictions permit). I note that the founder of the program was attacked by Python, too. One of his children as a young child, had pneumonia and was on a ventilator… Python knew the threat that he and his program posed to his Reign of Terror through Fear & Control and tried to squeeze the spiritual life out of the founder to destroy the program.

I don’t just want to talk Scriptural principles and metaphors. I want to also be practical and show you “how”. These are some ideas to get you started…

I’ve written a massive amount. None of it is going to mean do a thing for you if you don’t put your courage into action, soon. Don’t harden your hearts to this Word of the Lord. You’d be giving into Python again by letting him squeeze your heart.

There is no objective-evidence that I can point to, to make you believe me. Well, the testimony of my daughter’s healing & miracle should make you at least take a pause. I can only say that at some point you’re going to have to “take me at my Word”, because that’s Faith. Faith is not a leap into darkness, but a leap into the arms of Jesus. I’ve just described for you what Jesus’s arms look like. Will you believe me?

The official said to him, “Sir, come down before my child dies.” Jesus said to him, “Go; your son will live.” The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went on his way. John 4:49-50.

The problem of our modern age rooted in “ration” about everything, to the point that we’ve “rationed” away everything about healing that includes God and the spiritual realm,– is that we look for rationale (proof) when there isn’t ever going to be any objective-extrinsic material to “prove” that something is true, when it is supposed to be received with Faith.

We think Man has gotten more and more wise as time as progressed, as our powers of ration have developed. When I look at the sick child’s father’s response to Jesus in John 4, I feel doubt about this. It seems like the ancient peoples were smarter than us.

‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Just to take him at His Word

For all the human wisdom, statistics, research about Covid that are being poured out every minute like a fire-hose through different forms of media, are we really doing any better during this pandemic than in prior pandemics? The amount of wisdom and “facts” being shared and spread is unprecedented in history, but is it giving us any stronger handle on things? Or is the sense of control and power that we’re reaching for through them, just an illusion…? It’s actually feeding Fear that has tipped into hysteria at various points during the Pandemic—toilet paper run, anyone?

The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. This is the why the more ‘wisdom’, statistics, ‘knowledge’ that we have, the more fearful we are becoming because the more confusing it is. Every week, this virus morphs into something different and does something surprising and unexpected. I didn’t expect that people vaccinated will still be able to spread it. What’s the point of being vaccinated then? They say it is so the illness will be less severe if you catch it. How do they know this? No one knows what your illness may have been like if you had caught it prior to the vaccination. There are people who suffer no symptoms….

This virus shift-shapes as if it has a mind of its own. It does. Coronavirus isn’t behaving as ‘regular’ viruses do, because it is primarily a spiritual attack.

He traps the wise in the snare of their own cleverness.

I Corinthians 3:19

This is why you’re going to have to take my Word for all this. Just like the man in John 4 just “believed the Word that Jesus spoke”, you’re just going to have to do that. Willfully believe me. That is, if you want the healing that you’ve been praying for during the entire time of Covid. It was so much easier for the ancient biblical people to take Jesus at his Word. No wonder there are so few healing and miracles in our Age.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

Here is a Prayer for you to pray, if you don’t know how to contend for your Healing from Fear:

Father God,

Help me to be healed of my Fears. I don’t know how to do it. Fear’s grip on me is so strong. Please, Lord, in my weakness, make your strength divinely strong to smash every stronghold of thinking, a network of Lies, that holds me captive. It can only happen by Your Spirit, so I ask for your Spirit to breathe new life into my being. Heal me of my Slave wounds. Help me to walk in my identity and in my full Inheritance as a Son of God.

I don’t know what to think of all that Vivian’s written 😉 . I think she is insane. If what she has written is really Your truth, please send a confirmation to me, in the unique way that You speak to me and in the unique way that I hear from You. Send me Your Rhema Word for what your plans are for me during the Coronavirus pandemic. Help me to take you at Your Word, as Vivian says I need to. Help me to believe.

Lord, show me what my next step is to break Fear’s grip on me. What is the next baby-step that you want me to do?

I love You and I want to be Perfectly loved by You so that I can be healed of Fear. Fill me with the Holy. Spirit. Equip me with your supernatural gifts so that I may battle for you effectively on the Front Lines for Your Kingdom, during Covid.

Give me courage to refuse the vaccines that are birthed in Abortion, knowing they have been created in partnership with the author of Death.

(I’m sorry but I’ve taken the vaccines birthed in Abortion. Please forgive me for giving into my Fears against my conscience, against Your warnings. Please forgive me and take away the punishment from myself, as well as from my loved-ones and those under my authority. Raise me up anew to be a better, more courageous follower of Jesus from this point on. Help me to warn others about this vaccine, that it isn’t the Deliverance of the Lord. At this very place where I am repenting, please build a new Temple for the Holy Spirit, just as King David’s place of repentance became Solomon’s Temple.)

The place of repentance is the Threshing Floor. Help me to divide the chaff from the wheat. Help me to discard all the false teaching and false beliefs I have of you (the chaff) so that I am only left with wheat. Wheat, when placed in the furnace of affliction, becomes bread and I want to always partake of and speak the pure bread, which is the Word of God that transforms, that frees, that doesn’t enslave people.

Help me to discern all the lies I believe, that have attacked my mental health. Send your Rhema Word and your scriptural truths for each lie, so I can take them down once and for all. Where there are things hidden in the secret place, please send your Prophets to help uncover what lies are attacking me and are giving me a Slave identity.

Lord, help me to fear you, more than fearing Covid, more than fearing anything else including fearing other people. Scripture says that, “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.” (Proverbs 29:25). Keep me safe, as I obey your commands. Your promises of good health and protection are a result of obedience to our covenant with You (Deut 28), Give me the Fear of the Lord so that I dare not break any of your commands. I want to keep away even from the appearance of evil, Help me to forgive those who have wronged me. Open my eyes to my sins and to my blind-spots that have given cover to my sins. Help me to confess these sins as I start seeing them. Help me to make necessary amends to the people I’ve wronged.

Let my fear of You be the beginning of wisdom and discernment in my life. Help me to teach, to preach, to share the gospel, to heal, to deliver other people from their fears, as long as the Pandemic rages, and beyond. Transform me into the person you planned me to be, before even time began.

Help me to believe that you have a plan for the end of this Pandemic and that you have good plans for me for the pandemic that I should not try to shorten or circumvent out of Fear. I surrender to you the Kingdom I’ve built for myself and for which I am desperately trying to hang onto through Fear and Control, during Covid,

Whatever happens Lord, I will trust you. You will not abandon me. You notice everything about me. If Covid should take me, I know it will be because my time has come to return to my heavenly home, but I don’t think Covid is going to take me. There is so much more I need to do in life, now that I understand how Fear has attacked my Inheritance all through life. Thank you for the trial of Covid that has opened my eyes to my state of Slavery to Fear.

Help me to get up every morning to watch the sun rise, so that I can face the Sun of Righteousness who rises with healing in His rays, to meet with You, to hear my Rhema Word for the day. Please, may my face glow with the Glory of the Lord that no mask can ever cover, from each morning’s encounter with You.

Lord, pour out your Spirit as you promised us in Joel 2. Let this horrible attack of Coronavirus unleash an unprecedented world-wide spiritual revival, after your children are crushed and transformed by this calamity.

Forgive the sins of the church and of my nation–that has been complicit in the abuse and murder of children, that has ostracized, marginalized, and abused those who have the biggest identity wounds—the LGBT. Forgive the church for giving into its Fears and has watered down the Word of the Lord, due to fear of Man, fear of financial repercussions. Forgive us and give us another chance to be a better more courageous church, after Covid.

Lord, heal our Sonship wounds. Turn the hearts of the Fathers to the Sons, and the hearts of the Sons to their Fathers.

It says in Malachi that for those who FEAR the Lord, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings. Wings are a symbol of release from Slavery (Exodus 19:4). I want to Fear you, so that I may receive my healing. Release me from my Slavery.

Protect your children from losing their Inheritance due to submitting to Fear. I pray against the church falling void of the Rhema Word of God and I pray against the church falling into Divination. Please help the church to not make this pact with Molech.

Help me to speak your Word, to share the Gospel even if it is frightening to do so. Your command to spread the Gospel is for everyone, which includes me.

Help me to be a good Witness to the world for Christ, and to not give into anger, hate, or rebellion.

Help me to be discerning and to have Wisdom. Teach me what having the Fear of the Lord means, so that I may gain Your wisdom.

Lord send your Deliverance from Covid soon. Help us to wait for your Deliverance.

I believe I pray all these things in line with Jesus’s will, therefore I know they will come true.

Amen (I believe).

Judgment and Covenant Renewal- Malachi 4

Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire,” says the Lord Almighty. “Not a root or a branch will be left to them. But for you who FEAR my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings/ rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves. Then you will trample on the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty.

 “Remember the law of my servant Moses, the decrees and laws I gave him at Horeb for all Israel.

 “See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the Fathers to their Sons, and the hearts of the Sons to their Fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”

“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” Matthew 16:26

Blessings and Peace to you and your loved-ones!


If you found that any of this healed you of some of your Fear, please share it with your community. ~V

Song: God’s Own Fool

Song: Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

Additional Points- As I come across more links between our physical or spiritual breath, I”ll post them here:

  • March 30, 2021 “I can’t breathe” –Whatever is released on earth, is released in heaven. Whatever is bound on earth, is bound in heaven. The battle in the spiritual realms is God’s Angels vs Python (aka Slave aka Fear) during the Covid Pandemic. We see signs of what is happening in the spiritual realms on earth. The Black Lives Matter movement erupted during May of 2020 , during Covid, when George Floyd was murdered by police (Police are a form of false authority. False authority relies on FEAR to get people’s compliance). So, you can say that George Floyd was murdered by Python (false authority) and Pythons kill through strangulation. He called for his Mom, before he died. This was the cry of an “Orphan” for his mother.
  • March 30, 2021: Our Daily Bread March 30, 2021 If you’ve were able to follow most of what I’ve written above, then you will be able to make the connections to this Our Daily Bread Devotional about the breath of life and a connection to Egyptian idols . (Remember, that Egypt is a symbol of Slavery in the Bible). There’s even a question posted, “What false god is suffocating your life? How might you show God you’re trusting only in Him?” I only saw this on March 30, 2021, many days after I posted this letter https://ourdailybread.ca/got-your-nose/ The false god suffocating all of us during Covid is Python.
  • March 30, 2021 “Take a deep breath”–said when one is having anxiety
  • March 30, 2021 “No room to breathe”—no grace or room to make a single mistake
  • March 31, 2021 I went to the Stations of the Cross today. As I looked at the picture of Jesus hanging on the cross, I remembered that death by crucifixion is by suffocation. It is a slow agonizing death as one loses strength to hold oneself up in order to breathe. Oh dear God. How our Lord suffered. If Jesus died by suffocation, then it was Python that killed him too. The snake got to him at the end, ,like that. Since Python is Fear aka Slave, then it was Fear that killed him. Wow. This opens up a huge new vista at looking at the spiritual forces around Christ, that killed him. The Lord told me, a few days ago, about a Fear that actually supersedes fear of Death. I thought Fear of Death was the Strongman all along, but the Lord has zoomed even closer. Fear of Public Humiliation (Mocking Spirit) is stronger than the Fear of Death. Therefore we have many cultures where people commit suicide after public humiliation. I will write uncover Mocking Spirit in a blogpost, soon.
  • March 31, 2021 One of Jesus’s last thoughts must have been, “I can’t breathe.”
  • April 1, 2021 The Pandemic is changing our brains, affecting our mental health https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/pandemic-brain-stress-effect-lethargy-unproductive-1.5972055